Double Down on Ventless Equipment for your Casino Foodservice Strategy


Foodservice is a sure thing for gaming operations who want to enhance their patrons’ experiences and their bottom line. Since most casinos have an overall goal of keeping the gamers playing as long as possible, a diverse offering of restaurants is essential to any casino. And with the advent of ventless kitchen equipment, restaurants are no longer limited to a traditional kitchen setting. From full serve, upscale restaurants, to QSRs, casinos can and should leverage a wide variety of foodservice strategies to increase profits and customer satisfaction. Today we’ll dive into casino foodservice and how ventless equipment can really enhance any gaming operation’s strategy.

CasinoIcons-01.pngBefore we dive into the kitchen equipment side of things, lets discuss why casino foodservice is so important. Every year the UNLV Center for Gaming Research compiles data on the big Las Vegas strip casinos to assist casinos in making smarter business choices. From 2010-2016 their data shows that, on average, food and beverage accounts for 23% of total revenue. While capturing almost a quarter of every customers dollar, it’s easy to see why foodservice is such an important part of a solid casino strategy.

If you’re going to tap into the foodservice market in your gaming center, it’s important to have a solid game plan to make sure you are successful. It’s key to not only have various types of foods available to your customers, but also at varying price points. Some customers will want to have a nice, upscale, steak dinner, while some customers might just want a quick bite to eat in between rounds at the poker tables. Also, ideally all of your foodservice operations will run at top speed, with the goal of getting the customer back to the gaming floor.

For your full serve upscale restaurants you’ll likely be outfitted with a full kitchen area to work in. But what about your smaller, quick bite eateries? These are a perfect place to start looking outside the standard kitchen box and towards new and innovative technologies built to make your operations easier.


Ventless kitchen equipment like AutoFry and MultiChef are the perfect addition to any kitchen that isn’t already outfitted with a hood or venting system. Not only does a fryer, like AutoFry, operate without the need of a hood system, but it is also is fully automated, making it easier to operate and eliminating the need for a fry cook. In fact, having AutoFry in your kitchen is much like having an additional employee on your team, without the need to put them on your payroll! And with the rising cost of employee wages, this can be a huge asset to your bottom line.

With a goal of getting customers back to the gaming floor as soon as possible, you’ll also be able to use AutoFry and MultiChef to your advantage as they cook in top speeds. Frying in general is a high speed cooking process, and MultiChef, our high speed oven, can cut cook times by up to 75% --- all without the use of microwaves! With the addition of some ventless equipment to your foodservice team, you’ll be able to offer a wider variety of food items, at faster speeds, without having to go through full kitchen renovations and updates.  



When making decisions for your foodservice equipment, industry expert, Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Magazine has three tips:

  • CasinoIcons-02.pngNeed for Speed: You want patrons back on the gaming floor as quick as possible, which means you’ll need high-turnaround. Go with high-output equipment to help speed up your production process.
  • Durability: Most gaming centers operate 24/7, so equipment must be highly durable and able to hold up to heavy use and high volumes.
  • Versatility: Competition is always looming, which means casinos constantly need to update their offerings. Make sure you choose equipment than can adapt to changing menus with ease.

AutoFry and MultiChef fit all three of those considerations, built for speed, highly durable and easy to integrate into new and ever-changing menus, our equipment is the perfect match for any gaming center. To learn more about AutoFry or MultiChef check out their hyperlinked titles. We also offer full menu suggestions for each piece of equipment. Check out our AutoFry Menu here and our MultiChef Menu here.

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