Industry Spotlight: Increase Cinema Profits with Hot Prepared Foods


Cinemas have long been focused on popcorn, candy and soft drinks to supplement their theatre profits with concession sales. But is popcorn enough to keep a business thriving? Industry giants like AMC Entertainment, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark Theaters have all made the leap into food service as their new profit strategy to stay alive in the highly competitive world of entertainment. But it's not just the big boys, even smaller cinemas are realizing that food is the way of the movie future, and today we're going to take a bite into the expanded concession strategy and ways to increase cinema profits. 

Why Hot Fresh Foods?

IMG_0761.jpgWhile your most loyal customers may be walking through the door and dropping $5 on a bag of popcorn, a much larger percentage of your customers aren't purchasing anything from your concession stand.

Given that a concession foods typically have a higher profit margin, it's in your best interest to get more patrons buying foods. To do so, you need a wider variety of purchasable snacks. Even a small expanded menu at your concession stand can be a huge asset to your profit strategy.

The goal is to get customers accustomed to dinner at the movies, instead of dinner before or after the movies. The only way to make yourself a viable option for dinner is to expand into hot fresh made foods. Items like chicken tenders, burgers and even pizza are all easy to prepare and carry high profit margins and are an easy way to increase cinema profits.


How to Implement a Hot Food Program


If you've never done foodservice before, I highly recommend starting with our FREE white paper on adding food to your concessions strategy. This guide walks you through all of the things you'll need to consider prior to adding the new food menu as well as strategies for keeping it running smoothly. We cover menu making all the way to marketing, so it truly is a helpful started guide.

If you've got some experience in food service you may be ready to start looking at equipment for an easy transition. Our line of ventless fryers and ovens make the perfect addition to any concession stand or movie theater. Because they are ventless, theres no need for costly hood installations or fancy kitchen spaces. Plus, our ventless deep fryer, AutoFry, is also fully automated, so operation is a breeze and training couldn't be easier. Both AutoFry and MultiChef, our high speed oven, work great to expand menu offerings on their own, or in conjunction with additional equipment! The key here is that you really only need one machine to start expanding your menu! Check out these machine specific menus for AutoFry and MultiChef.


Want to learn more?

CinemaOneSheetCover-1.jpgDownload our free cinema foodservice one sheet. It has everything you need to know about AutoFry in relation to your industry! 

This guide includes powerful testimonials from current customers, a sample menu for easy implementation and highlights from our equipment. Feel free to download it for yourself or share it with a colleague who may benefit from adding foodservice to their cinema!

Download our FREE Cinema One Sheet!



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