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When purchasing a new piece of kitchen equipment, there are many things to consider to ensure that you are purchasing the right machine for your business needs. One crucial question you’ll need to answer for any equipment you consider, is what types of food can this new piece of equipment prepare? And how applicable that food is to your business and menu? Moreover an ideal piece of equipment is versatile and can adapt for new menu items as you grow your business.

For this reason, I love our MultiChef high speed oven. The fact that you can bake, toast, melt, roast, reheat and steam foods all with one piece of equipment is HUGE. Plus with MultiChef, because it’s a high speed oven, you get the benefit of reduced cook times by up to 75%! Today, in an effort to see the full value of MultiChef, we’ve created a full MultiChef menu prepared solely with our high speed oven, MultiChef. This menu not only has a wide variety of items but also covers all three dayparts!  So dive in to a full menu breakdown so you can start adopting some of these menu items into your line up!




buffalochickennachosshot.pngStarters, snacks, appetizers, call them what you want, this wildly popular menu segment is a requirement for any menu. Especially as the trend in eating continues to shift towards smaller meals, (aka snacks!) and away from full plated meals. In our MultiChef we have three fan favorites that can all be prepared in under five minutes. Nachos, corndogs and crab rangoons utilize MultiChef’s ability to reheat, toast, melt and bake in a high speed environment.





SMango-Jerk-Wings-1-683x1024-150x150.jpgpecials are another great area of the menu that you can use to highlight seasonal or limited time offers. These are a great way to drive people to make a purchase because they know they won’t be available all the time. Additionally, we suggest using the specials section as a way to test new menu items out with your guests, before committing to adding them to a full time menu. In this sample menu we’ve chicken wings, pretzels and calamari, all items that could be special enough to add to your menu year round!




pancakes-759579-edited.jpgAs the first daypart and “most important meal of the day” you want to make sure to have a strong presence in the morning. For our MulitChef menu, we feature three popular breakfast items, a breakfast sandwich, omelet and even pancakes. All of which can be prepared in five minutes or less and can be easily customized to make for a wider menu offering. Who needs a grill when you can serve pancakes in 4 minutes straight from the high speed oven!?





CBC_MCSandwich_square.pngNext on the daypart train is the lunch hour. For this time slot you’ll want to include some lighter fare and ideally you’ll include items that are easy to eat on the go. For that we focus on items that go in-between pieces of bread – in the example of our MultiChef menu we have a grilled cheese, chicken bacon ranch sub sandwich and bratwurst. These three items show off MultiChef’s ability to bake, melt, toast and even faux-grill – in the case of the grilled cheese we’re sure you’ll find this oven baked grilled cheese to be better than anything you’ve eaten off of a grill.




food-pizza-fastfood.jpgThe last daypart you’ll want to include on your menu is dinner, which should be a heartier meal for guests to sit and enjoy. For the MultiChef menu we’ve included a large pizza, shrimp po’boy and baked chicken dinner. MultiChef is one of the only high speed ovens that can accommodate two 16” pizzas at the same time – both cooked to perfection in just 9 minutes! We also recommend serving the baked chicken dinner with some steamed vegetables for a healthier menu option.




croissantchocolate-999475-edited.jpgOf course no menu would be complete without dessert! Whether your customer is stopping in for a full meal ending in a sweet treat or just planning on sharing apps and desserts with friends, the dessert menu is another great area to let some seasonal items shine. For our MultiChef menu we’ve got two popular items, chocolate filled croissants and pumpkin cheesecake bites. Don’t forget, you can modify the cheesecake bites to fit any season! These breaded bite sized treats are sure to please!




Download our Menu!

MultiChefSampleMenuCover.pngIf you're considering new equipment and looking to build a menu, check out our MultiChef menu to get an idea of the wide variety of foods you could be making with our high speed oven. MultiChef can roast, reheat, toast, melt, bake and steam without the need for any hoods or venting, making it the perfect kitchen tool!

This MultiChef menu is free to download, simply click on the menu image or click here to get a copy of the menu for your own menu strategy!  

We also have an AutoFry-only menu! Check it out here!



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