Recipes for Celebrating National Potato Lovers Month


February may be best known as the month for valentines candy and cards, but around here we know it as National Potato Lovers Month!


That’s right, an entire month dedicated to all those who love the almighty spud. Did you know that the Inca Indians in Peru were the first to cultivate potatoes between 8,000 BC and 5,000 BC? And it wasn’t until the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Peru in 1536 that outsiders began to learn about the starchy perennial. Fast forward to 1719 when the first potato patch as planted in New Hampshire by Scotch-Irish immigrants and potatoes made their American debut. And fast forward a little more to today, where we have full months dedicated to the potato and all the delicious dishes that can be made with it. So in honor of the National Potato Lovers Month, today we shine a light on five delicious potato recipes. Each recipe is easy to make in either our AutoFry, ventless fryer or MultiChef, our high speed oven. Let’s dig right in! 



Homemade Italian Baked Potato Chips

I think all spud lovers can agree that one of the most delicious ways to eat potatoes is in the chip form! Salty, crunchy and full of flavor, potato chips can be made in the fryer, or in the case of this recipe from An Italian in my Kitchen, made in the oven!

This simple recipe takes just a few ingredients and turns them into the perfect bar snack! When preparing this in your MultiChef oven, we recommend cutting down the cook time to 4-8 minutes, or just until they turn golden brown! Get the full recipe here.



Cheesy Loaded Potato Bombs

If you're looking for some cheesier fare, Oh Sweet Basil has a recipe for loaded potato bombs that would make a killer appetizer at any restaurant or bar. And if you’re into cutting on waste, this is the perfect way to get rid of any mashed potatoes you may have left over from last nights dinner rush.

Best of all, this recipe can be tweaked to match any flavor profile. Try swapping cheddar and bacon for chorizo and queso blanco for a Spanish twist on your potato bombs! This recipe also calls for the AutoFry hold down unit – a simple basket attachment that keeps your floating fried foods submerged in oil! Get the full recipe here.

Loaded Potato Bombs from Oh Sweet Basil




Sheetpan Hashbrowns by Macheesmo

Parmesan Crusted Potatoes

Two appetizers down, lets head on into side dish territory as we continue our countdown of potato dishes for National Potato Lovers Month. These easy bake potatoes from Cooktoria take 35-45 minutes in a regular oven, but only 10-15 in your MultiChef oven.

Made from just five ingredients, they are crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside! Most importantly, they’re sure to be a new favorite for your customers! Get the full recipe here.



Authentic Canadian Poutine

We’d be remiss to have a list of potato dishes on our blog without highlighting at least one poutine recipe! So for this month, let’s keep it classic with this Authentic Canadian Poutine recipe from Half Baked Harvest.  HBH’s recipe covers all the bases with fresh fried fries, a savory rich gravy and 3 cups of cheese curds! YUM.

Make sure when you add the gravy to the top of your fries that it’s nice and hot so it melts the cheese curds! Also, when adding this to your menu, consider offering it as both a side and a main dish! Get the full recipe here.

Authentic Canadian Poutine from Half Baked Harvest



Parmesan Crusted Potatoes from Macheesmo

Sheet Pan Hash Browns

Hash browns are one of the most underrated breakfast foods, so I had to include them in our list! Perfect for breakfast menus or creative dinner menus, these easy bake hash browns from Macheesmo are sure to spice up your menu.

Definitely make sure to line your cooking tray with parchment paper for easy cleaning, and don’t overload your pan! While this recipe in a traditional oven takes 25-35 minutes, you can reduce cook times in MultiChef to 7-12 minutes! Get the full recipe here.



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