A Lesson on Restaurant Throughput

A lesson on Restaurant Throughput


“Businesses with high throughput levels can take market share away from lower throughput firms.”

Wow, we’ve talked about restaurant throughput before, but we’ve never broken down the definition before. This portion of the definition of throughput struck me as increasingly important. With a million and one options for dinner or even for snack time, businesses MUST focus on restaurant throughput as an effective strategy to remain successful. The alternative is to keep guests waiting for their food and then watching them find a faster alternative the following week. In today’s ultra-fast, super convenient landscape, your consumers have no patience and that’s a challenge you must meet.

Patience no longer a virtue…

Patience may still be a virtue in some eyes, but the general consensus of today’s consumer says there are too many options to be kept waiting. Why get your pizza from a restaurant that takes 30 minutes, when you can get it from a place who can prepare it in 5 minutes. This is at the heart of restaurant throughput and it’s one of the biggest reasons of why I love the MultiChef high speed oven.

Microwaves make major bottlenecks…

Bottlenecks describe areas of production or workflow in a business that cause one part of a chain of events to slow or even stop. If you have a high speed oven that uses microwaves as part of its cooking cycles, you are bound to run into some bottlenecks as you can only add one food item to the cooking chamber at a time. Sure you could purchase multiple ovens to combat some of that slowdown, but wouldn’t it be easier if you had one oven that could cook it all?

MultiChef high speed oven is one of the only high speed ovens on the market that does not utilize microwaves in its cooking process. Which means it’s a restaurant throughput dream machine. No bottlenecks waiting for one item to finish cooking before adding the next, with MultiChef you can add as you go!

The proof is in the pizza

Forget pudding, one of the most common baked items in high speed ovens is PIZZA – only with our MultiChef 6500 can you cook TWO 16” pizzas at the same time in just 9 minutes. Seriously! And in this video below, you’ll see how we prepared four lunch time dishes in just ten minutes. A traditional high speed oven with microwave assist would take twenty minutes. Why would you settle for an oven that takes double the amount of time to cook the same amount of food?

Check out why MultiChef is a Restaurant Throughput BEAST!

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