Upgrading the Chocolate Chip Cookie for National Chocolate Chip Day


Here's a fun fact I bet you didn't know, National Chocolate Chip day occurs on Monday, May 15th! That's right, everyone's favorite sweet morsel has it's own national holiday, and while it may not be recognized as a holiday that warrants a day off, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate.

For us, we're celebrating in record time as our MultiChef high speed oven can whip up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies in just five minutes. Seriously, in five minutes, you can have customers mouths watering as they smell that golden delicious baked cookie smell. Is your stomach growling yet? As part of our celebration, we're focusing this week's blog on the almighty chocolate chip cookie with some fun ways to jazz up a traditional recipe.


Before we start, you need a good base recipe for your chocolate chip cookies. We've got a tried and true tested recipe on the blog that you can easily prepare and jazz up for the tastes of your customers. This recipe takes only five minutes to bake in the MultiChef oven, and can even be made in advance for easy baking later in the day as a made to order item!


cookies.jpegNow that you have your base recipe, lets talk additives. You can really upgrade a cookie from basic to deluxe with just an additional ingredient or two. One of my favorite recipe upgrades is to add in cereal or granola into the dough. Granola gives cookies a much heartier texture and appearance. Cereal on the other hand can actually lighten the texture. For a really light and crunchy fun twist, try adding in some crispy rice cereal.


Another great mix in are chopped up candy pieces. Snickers, Reese's, KitKats and even Rolos all make for a really great upgrade to the traditional cookie! Plus, because many of these candies have their own diehard fans, you can really garner some extra sales with the addition of popular candies. Try adding them to your line up as a limited time offer - this will drive up the urgency to buy and is an easy way to test out what might become your next best seller!


SnoopyCookie.jpgOne last great cookie additive comes in the form of a liquid! You can really enhance the flavor of baked goods with shot of liqueur!... in the cookie batter, not your mouth! My two favorite flavor enhancers are Kahlua and Baileys Irish Cream. Both give a sweet and subtle splash of flavor that will have your customers asking "what's the secret ingredient in these cookies!?" All it takes is two tablespoons (or about 2/3 of a shot glass) of your liqueur of choice AND an additional 1/4 cup of flour and you've got a delicious treat. Don't forget to add the additional flour to the mix to offset the liquid. And in case you're wondering, the alcohol burns off in the cooking process, so you will not be getting anyone tipsy with your cookies!


icecreamsandwich.jpgFinally, my favorite way to jazz up cookies, is to serve them a la mode. And I don't mean serving a scoop of ice cream on a plate with a cookie next to it. No, take it a step further, put that ice cream in between two cookies and serve it as an ice cream sandwich. This portable dessert has been a fan favorite for a long time, and we're now even seeing creameries focused solely on the ice cream sandwich! For a real jazzed up treat, try coating the outer edges of the ice cream center with some of those chopped up candy bits we talked about earlier. Y U M!


So this Monday, I encourage you to take a walk on the sweet side and really celebrate National Chocolate Chip day! Whether you decide to stick with the traditional chocolate chip cookie or jazz it up with one of our ideas above, your customers will love you for it! Plus, when it only takes 5 minutes to bake cookies in the MultiChef oven, you really don't have to spend too much time making the day special. Bon appetit!


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