The Benefits of Adding Foodservice to Your Roller Skating Rink

The Benefits of Adding Foodservice to your Roller Skating Rink

Roller skating rinks have long been known as a place for amazing value and entertainment. People, both young and old, love rolling around with friends and family in a familiar place. But as industry trends continue to lean towards convenience, consumers are looking for a more complete experience, and that means foodservice has to be a part of every rink’s strategy.

In today's blog we'll talk about why you should consider adding foodservice to your roller skating rink and provide you with an all inclusive guide for adding foodservice to your roller skating rink. Our guide will walk you through the basics of budget setting, menu building and even promotional ideas to take your foodservice plan full throttle.

We know that adding foodservice to your roller skating rink can often seem like a big undertaking due to the complexities of installation and implementation. So there has to be enough of a reason for adding foodservice to offset that initial undertaking.

The benefits of adding foodservice to your roller skating rinkLet's start by talking about the demand for food. Industry trends continuously show how consumers are looking for convenience in every interaction they face. This means if your customer has the choice between two identical roller skating rinks, one with food and one without, they will undoubtedly chose the rink with food simply for the convenience of having the opportunity to eat within the same location. It's the reason Chuck E Cheese serves pizza, sure they could be a successful arcade with no food at all, but their foodservice game sets them apart from other area arcades with limited or no food available. Let foodservice be a differentiating factor between you and your competition!

Offering food within an attraction has also been proven to increase guest length of stay. Why is that important? The longer they stay, the more they are likely to spend! If you offer the ability to have dinner at your rink, now you've got a reason to have the Jones family stay for more than just a few hours. And think how much more you're making when a family of four sticks around your establishment for dinner. Now what if they got dessert too? Can you see how much additional profit you could be making with just a few pieces of equipment?

The benefits of adding foodservice to your roller skating rinkMost importantly, customer satisfaction is proven to increase with the addition of foodservice to an attraction. When you give your customers an all-in-one experience they can provide their family with at a reasonable price, you can bet they will be happier. Moms will love taking the kids for family skate night and dads will be thrilled that they only have to make one stop to provide their family with a fun day out. Again, the convenience factor you're providing to guests will bring overall increased satisfaction.

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Adding foodservice to your roller skating rink is going to bring you more sales, increased customer satisfaction, and a solid differentiating factor between you and the competition. And if that wasn't enough to convince you, let me also add that it doesn't have to be hard or complicated! With our white paper you'll learn how easy it can be to add foodservice to your offerings.

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