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AutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon

AutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon - Image of Signage

What do you get when you take a winning casual restaurant concept, fresh locally sourced ingredients and pair it with a secluded courtyard on a busy street in North Carolina? Crêperie Bouchon, of course! Locally called “the best crepe secret in town,” this Asheville, NC favorite is serving up fresh crepes, salads, sandwiches and fries in a dog-friendly, romantic European cafe setting. Let’s check out the AutoFry in Action at Crêperie Bouchon and see what makes this back alley location so special.


Chef and owner, Michel Baudouin, takes pride in his trio of Asheville restaurants.  Each location offers a unique spin on French cuisine and spotlights locally-sourced ingredients for a true farm to table experience. Crêperie Bouchon is the most casual of Baudouin's three locations, with outdoor seating, fresh to order crepes, live music and even a bloody Mary bar. Acclaimed especially for its crepes and seasoned fries, Crêperie Bouchon is an instant favorite among all who try their menu.

AutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon - Image of Fries and BeerWhen asked what the one thing Crêperie is known for over the competition, Baudouin noted, “restaurants are more than just food and service- it’s an experience, you have to offer them something that they can’t get anywhere else. And if they can get it somewhere else, you’ve got to be just a little bit better.” So what does Baudouin think he does better? “the French fries, service and consistency” are listed as his three strong points.

Made in the AutoFry, ventless fryer, Crêperie’s fries are tossed in herbes de provence and served with a red bell pepper aioli. And if that wasn’t mouthwatering enough, you can also order Crêperie’s fries the Canadian way, as poutine, topped with gravy, cheese and you’re choice of meat topping. Also worth noting, is that until recently, Baudouin was cooking with the oldest AutoFry ventless deep fryers still in operation, estimated to have been frying for over 20 years! While he has since upgraded to a newer AutoFry model, Baudouin praises AutoFry for being "truly ventless, love the timer, never overcooked anything and allow cooks to multitask safely."

IAutoFry in Action: Crêperie Bouchon - Image of Fries and Musselsf you’re looking for more than just fries, Crêperie has a wide variety of sandwiches, crepes and all you can eat mussel nights Monday-Wednesday. Not to mention, a large variety of local beers and wines to round your meal out. Crêperie is also reasonably priced, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious French meal. Couple all that with the charming courtyard dining and you’ll be transported to France without ever leaving the states.



So now that we know the basics of Crêperie Bouchon, let’s see what the rest of the world is saying:

“Enjoying a walk down the sidewalk in Asheville, we were peeking in various restaurant windows and finally we peeked in Bouchon French Bistro's window and it looked lovely. However, the place was packed, and it didn't look like a table would be available soon. That's when we spied a sign for crepes, and following the sign, we found ourselves in this charming courtyard. It was a lovely oasis, with a few fireflies dancing around… While there are tables inside, it was too lovely of a courtyard to miss the opportunity of dining outside. They serve beer and wine, along with the usual selection of non-alcoholic beverages. They have a selection of savory crepes and sandwiches and the french fries are a must try here. When in a crepe place, I cannot leave without trying the sweet crepes as I am always waiting to get to the dessert. Although, I always have to try the nutella crepes because I have a nutella addiction, I also decided to try the sugar and lemon crepe. Both crepes were delicious and the lemon crepes had just the right amount of tart, but the nutella crepe was my favorite. This is a wonderful place to enjoy crepes in a beautiful outdoor setting.”  - Kelly from Scallywag Journeys

“We’ve stopped there to cure my craving for french fries and aioli, and now that they’ve moved into an enclosed space in the courtyard adjacent to Bouchon, I stopped in for lunch last week after a long shopping spree for maternity clothes… I savored my Orangina while I waited for my farm to table crepe with of course my beloved herbed frites and aioli… My crepe was hearty much like the crepes served at dinner at Bouchon, and the frites were savory and crisp and hot. I’d love some additional vegetarian options, but my farm to table was a good value for $6. After smelling another patron’s fleur (simply delicious nutella) crepe, I also ordered one, which was again the same hefty size as my savory crepe, and served with a dollop of whipped cream.” – Eemilla from Soap Box

“This place is amazing! Best food so far on this road trip” Kristin South from Facebook

“Who doesn't like to dine outside in a quiet, intimate courtyard surrounded by beauty? What a great place we stumbled on for lunch! They have a nice selection of beers, sandwiches, crepes and other fantastic foods. Andrew, our waiter was attentive to our every need. Food was sensational. French fries seasoned and crisp. Great place for wonderful food!!!!” CatzCat from Trip Advisor

Bottom line: next time you're in Asheville, NC do NOT miss out on Crêperie Bouchon.

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