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Made in America - Independence Day 2015

Happy Independence Day from MTI, home of the AutoFry and MultiChef, both made in america.

Happy Independence Day to everyone! It’s a great day to celebrate, eat some hamburgers and dogs and watch some fireworks. Of course, this day isn’t just about food and bright bursts in the night sky, but a day to commemorate the declaration of independence and our commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Motion Technology is proud to produce equipment made in America and our factory, housed in Northborough, MA, employs some of the hardest working men and women the US has to offer.



It’s a phrase we don’t hear as often as we used to. Today, so many things are outsourced and production has been moved to the lower-cost corners of the global economy. No one expects the U.S. to again make most of the electronics, tools, toys, furniture, lighting and other household products that total more than $500 billion a year in imports. We’ve become so used to outsourcing that people are actually shocked when something is produced in America.

Thankfully some shifts have happened and US production is on the rise once again. As China’s wages increase, cost of production has followed suit, leading many companies back to production within the states. Additionally, local production offers companies advantages foreign competitors often can't match: speed, flexibility and access to the highly capable U.S. workforce.



Happy Independence Day from MTI, home of the AutoFry and MultiChef, both made in america.

For the last 25 years, Motion Technology has been an American production powerhouse. Our factory and warehouse, located in Northborough, MA, employ hard working Americans, proud to come to work each day for an internationally recognized equipment manufacturer. Each machine we produce is built with American made steel and labor, a sign of our continued support of American commerce and the American dream.  The American dream: the stich of hope that brings every US native and immigrant together in pursuit of a life of prosperity and success.

We hope that on this Independence Day you have time to enjoy your dream, your prosperity and your successes. We hope that you can take a moment to truly appreciate everything that America is and how far we’ve come from the day the declaration of independence was signed. As a country we have faults and failures but as a nation we are able to unite and make positive waves of change in so many different ways. Finally, on this day, we hope you will join us as we thank our soldiers and veterans, for whom without their support, our country would not be the free America we know and love. Happy Independence Day!

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