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Double Trouble: Advantages of a Double Basket Fryer

Single v sDouble Basket Deep FryersWhen looking around at options for a ventless deep fryer, you’ll find one huge advantage we have over other brands is that our fryer is available in a double basket fryer set up. We are the only ventless fryer on the market that has TWO double basket options, one built for your countertop and the other is our floor model. The dual basket system of our AutoFry deep fryers is a huge advantage for many customers, but how do you know if its the right fit for you?

Today we talk double basket fryer advantages and share with you a simple yes or no questionnaire to determine what model will be the best fit for your business!  So let’s dive right in to this week’s blog and talk double trouble!

Deep Fryer Capacity Matters

When you start exploring options for your deep fryer, one of the biggest questions you will have to ask yourself is how much food you realistically anticipate on preparing throughout your day. Deep fryers come in a wide range of capacities and configurations, so it’s important to know what your needs are before you determine a fryer for your business.

With AutoFry, we have four different sizes of fryers, our single basket fryers come in 2 gallon and 2.75 gallon capacities. Then our double basket fryers come in 5.5 gallon and 6.08 gallon capacities. That roughly translates to:

Single Basket AutoFry Models

Double Basket AutoFry Models





2 Gallons / 16.7 lbs

2.75 Gallons / 23 lbs

5.5 Gallons / 46 lbs

6.08 Gallons / 50.7 lbs

20-40 lbs fries/hour

30-60 lbs fries/hour

50-100 lbs fries/hour

60-120 lbs fries/hour


This gives you a general idea of how much you can cook per hour for your business. Obviously the more you need to cook, the more likely it is that you’ll want to go with a double basket unit like the 40C or 40E. If your doing minimal orders, you may want to consider a single basket option.



What Type of Food you Plan to Fry Matters

Fish and Chips made in a ventless fryerAnother huge advantage to the double basket fryer system is that you have two fryer baskets to be cooking in. Each basket has its own oil pot, allowing you to keep frying foods separate from one another.

This is especially important if you’re frying items like seafood, which can have mild flavor transfer to the oil. If you only cook with one oil pot, there’s a good chance all your food will start to have a fishy flavor. Alternatively, with two oil pots, you can keep those items completely separate and eliminate any possible flavor transfer.



The AutoFry Advantage

AutoFry 40C Ventless Double Basket FryerOne big advantage to AutoFry double basket models is that each side operates independently from the other. This is especially important if you tend to have fluctuating daily capacities, meaning, you’re busier at certain times/days of the week than other times. Because each side of AutoFry has its own control system, you can actually shut one side down and only operate on the opposite side. Allowing you to save on oil and electrical costs.

Additionally, if you were to try and achieve this style of set up with any other ventless fryer on the market, you’d have to purchase two independent fryers to achieve the same capacity and food output. That’s two sets of fryers, two sets of filters, two machines to clean… And lots of extra hassle. With AutoFry, you get double the basket without double the work!



Still on the Fence?

If your still unsure what is the best fit for your business, take our five question quiz to find out!

Single vs Double Basket Fryers

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