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Which AutoFry is the Best Fit for your Business?

When a potential customer starts their research on ventless frying and come across our deep fryer line they're often caught off guard by the fact that we have four unique AutoFry models to choose from. We recognized early into the production of AutoFry that our customers have various needs and one size certainly does not fit all.

Today we've got a unique way for you to determine which model of ventless fryer best suits the needs of your business. Our quiz to determine which AutoFry is the best fit for your business only takes a minute to complete and will provide you with your perfect match! You can also check out our deciding factors below! Enjoy!

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What will you be cooking?

8368723726_cfff58d620_o.jpgOne of the most important factors in determining which AutoFry is the best fit for your business is deciding what you plan on frying. If you plan on frying pre cooked frozen items, just about any machine will work for you. If you plan on doing fresh foods however, we reccomend looking at a double basket unit.

The double basket unit has the advantage of being able to keep your chicken, and other raw proteins that can carry bacteria, seperate from other foods that are more safe. Additionally if you plan on cooking something like fish and chips, you may benefit from having a double basket unit that can keep your oil seperate as to prevent taste transfer.  



How much will you be cooking?

Of course it's impossible to predict the future, but if you can make a rough estimate of how much you anticipate cooking, you'll have a better idea of the capacity youneed for your ventless fryer. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of hourly capacity rates for each machine:

AutoFry MTI-5 AutoFry MTI-10X AutoFry MTI-40C AutoFry MTI-40E
20-40lbs fries/hour 30-60lbs fries/hour 50-100lbs fries/hour 60-120lbs fries/hour

It's also worth noting that both of our double basket units, MTI-40C and MTI40E, have the ability to to operate each basket side indipendantly. This makes it ideal for a business that has high and low volume dayparts. If you're super busy you can use both sides but when the day slows you can easily turn off one side to save your oil from deteriorating.



What kind of space does your kitchen have?

WGreat Example of a small kitchen spacee pride ourselves on being able to fit just about ANY kitchen space both small and large. Our MTI-5 and MTI-10X are our smaller ventless frying units. They both sit on counter top and take up less than 2ft of your conter space. As you can see in this picture, we can fit even the tiniest of spaces!

On the larger end out AutoFry MTI-40C and MTI-40E are both double basket units, so they require a bit more space. The MTI-40C sits on the counter, occupying roughly 3ft of space and the MTI-40E is a freestanding floor model that also takes up about 3ft of width from your floor. Based on those mesurements, you should be able to look at your available space and determine how large or small you'd like your fryer to be. Don't forget, all of our fryers are completely ventless, so they don't need space under a hood or vent system, making them much more convenient to house in your kitchen!


Take our short quiz to determine which AutoFry is the best match for your  business!


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