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International Foodservice Trends Expected to see at HOST

International Foodservice Trends in 2015

As we head off to HOST this October MTI is gearing up for a week of amazing networking opportunity and international foodservice trend setting and watching. Shows of this size are great for getting a better grasp on the overall picture of our industry and determining the next innovations to pursue. Of course it’s great to do some research beforehand too, so this week we’re dedicating the blog to international foodservice trends to watch for. These are the trends shaping the future of equipment, technology and food, so they are not to be overlooked as valuable areas for development.


Green isn’t just a color anymore...

Energy efficiency and sustainability are two phrases you’re probably familiar with, and that’s good because they are the biggest international foodservice trend. This trend will only grow as the global demand for energy increases as does the cost of energy. You’ll begin to see some businesses investing money into efficiency consultants who will come and evaluate current kitchen outfits and potential new equipment.


That costs how much?

Rising costs are going to affect foodservice operations across the board. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is predicting that the price of basic food (grains and rice) will increase by over 40% by 2018 from 2012 levels. This is going to have huge impact on menu pricing as operators try to find the greatest yield to every food purchase. This means creative uses for food portions that may have been thrown away in the past.


What do YOU want?

Expect to see a greater focus on the end user when it comes to product innovation. Manufacturers are getting wise in doing their research and finding out what their consumers truly want from their products.  From focus groups to large countrywide studies, consumer research will be increasingly important for staying ahead of the trends. Ease of use will continue to be a big trend in consumer wants, but what other factors will drive advancement?


Technologically Savvy

End users are embracing technology to make improve customer experience, increase sales, and to collect information about their audiences. Equipment needs to have integrated technology to enhance the end user experience. Technology advancements should make things easier, never more complex. Expect to see Bluetooth and beacon technology rise as manufacturers figure out the best methods for incorporation in the next few years.


Shop with us not them!

Increased competition is inevitable as new equipment enters the foodservice marketplace each day. This means equipment evolution will happen fast as manufacturers try to keep up with the latest developments in their segment. To stay ahead of the game, manufacturers will have to predict the areas of future trends and cater to those needs. Hint, hint: go for sustainability, that international foodservice trend isn’t going anywhere!



There you have the five top international foodservice trends you can expect to see at a HOST and in your kitchen in the next few years. How will these international foodservice trends impact innovation? That remains to be seen. One thing you can bet on is that sustainability remains a driving force in all future innovations.

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