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AutoFry in Action: Ison's Family Pizza

Ison's Family Pizza Storefront - AutoFry in Action
What do you get when you mix a small town vibe with big time flavor and value and add in a dash of philanthropy? The answer is Ison’s Family Pizza in Batesville, IN. This local gem has been cranking out delicious pizza since 2000, recently adding frozen yogurt to the repertoire as well. With a quick look at their Facebook page you’ll see patrons praising their fresh ingredients, affordable pricing and positive attitude. Today we dive in to check out another great AutoFry customer in action!

Ison’s Family Pizza is certainly not new to the pizza world.  The Ison family started their pizza journey back in November of 2000 when they purchased The Pizza Factory, later changing the name to Ison’s Family Pizza to better reflect their business. More recently the Ison family added Top This! Frozen Yogurt to their menu, allowing guests to come in and create their own perfectly topped frozen treat.

Ison's Family Pizza Pepperoni Pizza- AutoFry in ActionWith dough and sauce made in house daily, using absolutely no preservatives, you can be sure you’re getting a quality pizza from Ison’s. Additionally their toppings are sourced locally, when available, and they stick to real Wisconsin cheese to top all of their pies. Ison’s also offers gluten free pizza in addition to a large variety of fried food appetizers, wings, hoagies and their highly praised breadsticks.

Ison’s is open daily with options for dining in, pick up, delivery and Monday-Friday you can even dine in at their lunch buffet. Best of all, Ison’s is extremely affordable, their lunch buffet is priced at just $7 for an adult and $4 for children, personal pizzas are available starting at $3.99 and their monster cheese pizza (with 40 slices!!!) is just $24.99 and perfect for your next party!

The addition of the AutoFry in their kitchen allowed Ison’s to expand their menu and start offering wings and other popular deep fried appetizers. Customers can now get a plate of wings starting at only $4.19, available in five different flavored sauces.

One of our favorite things about Ison’s is their commitment to supporting their community. Ison’s is well known for supporting a number of local fundraisers in addition to allowing groups to use the Ison’s facility to raise money as well. Most recently joining in the Family Pizza Day to benefit the 100 Men Campaign and Safe Passage, Inc. by donating 10% of all sales on February 20th to the aforementioned foundations.

So now that we’ve covered the basics of Ison’s Family Pizza, let’s see what their fans have to say:

Ison's Family Pizza Rainbow - AutoFry in Action

“Excellent pizza. Excellent hoagies. Amazing breadsticks. Add the best part is the friendly service. Also great gluten free pizza. Worth the drive if you don't live in town.  After having a long conversation with the owner, it is obvious that he is very serious about making great quality pizza with the best ingredients and makes his own dough every day.” – Jodie R., Yelp

“I was impressed to learn all of the things Ison's does by hand for their pizza too. We've always really like the taste, but I had no idea he made their own crust, breadsticks, their own sauce that the pepperoni has better ingredients also. Definitely good to know and will be happy to support in the future too! Thank you!” Andrea M., Facebook Review

“The best pizza. The most awesome breadsticks. And now the new frozen yogurt amazing. Great environment. Good service. All around great place to eat.” Kasey B., Yelp

“Top notch pizza! Good people that cares what you eat.” – Roger S., Facebook Review

“The staff were all super nice. The price ($8 including tax) for the lunch buffet including drink was amazing. The pizza was pretty good too. Enjoyed the garlic knots and pizza logs. Got to meet the owner on the way out. Super friendly and knowledgeable. He was telling me about their products. The sauce and crust is made in house with no preservatives. The cheese is also preservative free. The pepperoni comes from a farm in Columbus.” Sean M., Yelp

So the next time you’re in Batesville, IN, head on over to Ison’s Family Pizza for top notch pizza and service!

Also, check out their testimonial of the AutoFry and see how well our machine has worked for their store:

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