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Scoring Big with Food Service at Sporting Venues

Scoring Big with Food Service at Sporting VenuesTake me out to the ball game; take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…Wait a second, stop right there!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good Cracker Jack, but my favorite fields have so much more to offer these days when it comes to game time grub. Food service at sporting venues across the country has been slowly evolving and we are currently living in the best era for delicious arena eats! 

Food is a powerful thing, a popular trend or restaurant chain quickly produces followers. This is something sporting venues have not over looked, and today it’s not just loyalty drawing fans to stadiums and fields, it’s the food. While you can still find your classic vendor serving up hot dogs and lemonade, you may also find a head chef preparing Stadium Food (3)perfectly steamed salmon or a mixologist pouring a tasty Moscow Mule

The times they are a changin’ and sporting venues cannot get left in the food service past. These big changes in cuisine give people a whole new reason to catch a game. It also gives venues an opportunity to connect with the community and bring in local establishments.  Partnerships with the local businesses are a great way to incorporate the flavors of the people and their home town. 

Making these types of changes can seem daunting for a sports venue that may be limited on space, and worried about cooking times. Many of the dishes that the public craves can be difficult to prepare quickly in tight areas due to the fact that most kitchen equipment is far too bulky for small cooking spaces. Convenient size isn't the only reason businesses choose to go ventless, it is one of many, and this is where Motion Technology Inc., comes in! 

Our line of ventless kitchen equipment is ideal for fast cooking in tight kitchens and venues. Each member of our equipment line requires absolutely no hoodStadium Food 2 installation. This allows companies and organizations to save on added ventilation costs. Further more, every machine is fully equipped with the ANSUL Fire Suppression System to ensure the safety of our customers and their businesses. We have everything a sporting venue would need to set up a quick service restaurant in no time! The menu options are endless when the AutoFry, VentaGrill and MultiChef XL are on your team. 

With the utilization of our ventless fryer, griddle and high speed oven, any stadium or field will be fully equipped for a loaded food service at any time of the day. Whether its sensational sandwiches or local fried favorites MTI has what sporting venues need to make their visitors not just fans of the team, but fans of the food too!

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