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10 Reasons Why Customers go with a Ventless Fryer like AutoFry

We often run into our customers at trade shows and talk to them about how things are going since they made the ventless leap! It's always interesting to hear from a customer perspective how a ventless fryer like AutoFry has made their operations more profitable and easier than they had ever imagined.  Today we're highlighting ten reasons why customers decide to go ventless with AutoFry.  




It doesn’t get any safer than cooking with our ventless deep fryer, AutoFry. Because of it’s ventless operation, our deep fryer is fully enclosed and fully contained. This means you’ll never come in contact with hot oil or have to worry about a fire. AutoFry is equipped with its own fire suppression system making it the ultimate in safe machines.




It can be difficult to set up a kitchen, it gets even more difficult when you have to install things that cannot be moved – like a hood for example. With ventless kitchen equipment, you have the immediate advantage of being able to move the equipment wherever it best suites your business. So if you find that your throughput could be cut down by rearranging your equipment, your ventless fryer certainly won’t be the thing to hold you back!






If you rent a building for your restaurant and you pay to install a vent or hood system to build your kitchen, what happens if/when you leave the space? It would be completely unfeasible to take the installed hood system with you. BUT if you had a ventless system that you owned, you’d be able to take it with you to whatever the next location ends up being!





A ventless deep fryer Like AutoFry does not need to be installed with a hood or vent, which makes it a lot easier to install. In fact, with AutoFry, all you’ll need to do is plug it in and you can start adding oil to begin frying, an instant profit maker! On the flip side, hooded fryers typically involve a painstaking and costly process of installing an expensive hood and vent.




One of the biggest advantage that AutoFry has, is its ability to self-regulate cook times and oil temperature to ensure consistent quality output. Frankly put, using AutoFry is almost like having your own personal fry cook. This is in part due to its simplifry technology, a heat/time compensation intelligence that adjusts temperature and cook times based on how much product is cooked in each batch. With such a smart machine doing your frying, you’re free to tend to other kitchen tasks.





Because of it’s ventless operation, AutoFry has to be fully enclosed to operate. This means oil has less opportunity to deteriorate from light, air and dust particulates that can contaminate a traditional open fryer. Longer oil life also means lower overall costs for frying!






If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant and felt the pain of a hot oil burn, you probably feel the same way as this customer did. It can be scary to have to work with a hot medium that has can bubble and spatter while it cooks. With a fully enclosed ventless fryer like AutoFry you take the fear out of frying. Anyone can fry with AutoFry – it’s seriously the easiest and safest way to cook.





Your other option when it comes to ventless frying is to go with a greaseless fryer, but as many people soon find out, the results are less fried-like and more related to that of an oven. If you want fried food you simply cannot achieve that without some grease! In addition to fried food flavor and crunch that your customers crave, frying it typically faster than oven baking – allowing for you to reduce wait times on orders.






AutoFry is such a simple machine to operate that training a new operator on how to use and clean the machine takes less than 20 minutes. This is perfect for businesses who are constantly training new employees. Plus with our easy to follow cleaning guides, service videos and programmable keypad – learning a new machine has never been so easy.





Our ventless fryer is the only one that comes in four different capacities with both countertop and floor models. Our double basket units have the unique ability to operate independently so you can run them both when you’re busy or turn one side off when your slow. This saves money as you’re not heating and wasting oil that isn’t being used.





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