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AutoFry in Action: Chief Drive-In Theatre

Kiddos enjoying the Chief Drive In experience

As one of the last standing drive-ins in the state of Oklahoma, and one of only 338 drive in theatres left in America, Chief Drive-In Theatre is a little slice of heaven.  Built in 1949, the historic Chief Drive-In is open year round and known for their reasonable prices for movies, miniature golf, great food and an all-around good time.



Not all drive-ins are built the same and Chief Drive-In stands out in the crowd as a family owned and operated attraction. With just one screen, Chief does an excellent job of selecting the top first run movies, stacked as double features.  Movie nights are more than affordable at Chief with a ticket price of just $7 a person, you can actually have a date night for under $20.  Concessions are also available to go along with your movie and offered at really reasonable prices, from $2 corn dogs to $3 Frito pies, Chief offers a concession for every hungry member of the family.  Best of all, concessions are consistently hot and ready thanks to the use of the AutoFry on site.    Miniature golf is available too, for those looking to play before or in-between movies, also reasonably priced at just $5 per person per round.

Jimmy Buffet Concert Photo from Chief Drive In - Photo via theatre's facebook page.Birthday parties and special events are another feature to this nostalgic attraction.  Parties include pizza and golf in addition to the movies.  Special events include pre-show laser tag, bounce houses and even standup comedy events throughout the year.  In 2014, Chief was one of the many drive-ins to live stream a Jimmy Buffet concert, part of a nationwide drive-in parrothead promotion.  The concert was a national success, and dispite rainy weather, Chief guests had a great time.

Now you know the facts, let’s see what their fans had to say:

“Grab a bucket of popcorn, a root beer float, and your favorite people, and settle in for a long night at the movies! The Chief Drive-In Theatre is a family owned and operated labor of love. Every weekend throughout the year, and every single day during the summer the family invites guests of all types to come spend some time reliving a classic part of the Suburban American Dream.”  - Quijana on Yelp

Chief Drive In Theatre“I came last Saturday for my first time and my first ever drive in movie and it was amazing! The food was fantastic, all the workers were very nice and helpful. The movies were exceptional! The bathrooms were even clean and kept up. I had a great anniversary at your theatre! Thanks for being a great place to go! Keep it up! I hope to be back again!” Ashlyn Byers, Facebook Review

“Our family loves this place, the double features, the putt putt golf, & the concession. Drive- In movies are a thing of the past, not many exist, we are lucky to have one in our area. Let's keep our past alive so the next generation can experience the fun.” Shawn Enloe, Facebook Review

“Place is cooler than Fonze in the 50's” – Kyle Donaldson, Facebook Review

“A star-lit night... soft rustling of the wind through the trees...the sweet smells of soft drink fountains & popped corn permeates the air full of sound vibrations pulsing from the outdoor seating that crowns a bustling snack bar as a bit of Hollywood magic dances across the screen high above miniature golf players. This is the feast of the senses one experiences at this particular drive in. The patrons, those that realize what a joy they have in this outdoor venue, are always polite to each other as they take in the art found in this dying theatre style. The staff, and owners greet you personally, and are also so obviously grateful to have visitors who are their life blood sustaining this beautiful ole' "Chief" gracing the outskirts of their small quaint town. Complete with that pricey (70-100 thou, as is commonly known,) digital conversion, and a well-stocked with the latest, once celluloid, features, as well as a very surprisingly delicious kitchen, it is the ultimate family/romantic/reminiscent outing.”  Tiff M., Trip Advisor Review

Group of friends enjoy game of cards in between movies. Image courtesy of Everyone Goes to Micks.“This theater was SO worth the trip! One of many things that makes the Chief Drive-In unique is that it has a mini golf course in front of its screen!  So cool! Patrons of the Drive-in can play mini golf right up until they start showing movies!”  - Quote and photo by Mick, Blogger of Everyone Goes to Micks





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