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AutoFry in Action: French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven Recipe - AutoFry in action blogWhen a shop opens and titles themselves French Fry Heaven, they have to be absolutely sure that their product is indeed the best thing you've ever tasted.  Because the solid fact is that if it isn't, consumers will definitely let them know, and furthermore, that business won't be open for long.  Lucky for French Fry Heaven, their fries are actually that good.   They draw crowds across the United States and are the perfect snack or dinner for hungry folk everywhere.  With the addition of their expanded menu in the last few months French Fry Heaven is selling more products than ever before and vying for that top spot in potato stardom.

Group holds FFH fries out, fresh from the AutoFry

But what makes French Fry Heaven so special?  For starters, their Belgian style fries are totally unique, thick-cut and fried twice, making them extra crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside! Fries are available in two options, angels or saints.  Angels are classic fries topped with condiments that range from traditional ketchup to more unique flavors from around the world. Saints, are sweet potato fries, are served either salty or with sweet toppings like cinnamon and sugar, caramel, and pumpkin spice.


FFH and AutoFry, a Match Made in HeavenFrench Fry Heaven is also unique that it can be found in all sorts of places, from mall kiosks to food trucks to fully outfitted stores.  The reason French Fry Heaven is so versatile in its location is the kitchen equipment they use. French Fry Heaven relies solely on the AutoFry to cook it's heavenly fries to perfection.  As the leading commercial ventless deep fryer, AutoFry is the perfect companion to French Fry Heaven's franchise operation.  Not only is the AutoFry fully automated and fully ventless, but it's also the safest machine on the market, which gives franchise owners peace of mind knowing their staff is safe using one.  For more information on why French Fry Heaven chose AutoFry for their operation, check out our Why Us page.

Recently, French Fry Heaven expanded their menu offerings to include wings, loaded fries and the long anticipated dessert menu.  The addition of items other than their coveted french fries, gives FFH the opportunity to be more than just a snack, and qualifies them for additional daypart sales.  Not to mention their oreo churros are out of this world delicious!

So now that we know the heavenly basics, lets get on to what the public has to say:

"I tried the Strawberry Lemonade and “Festival Saint” which tastes exactly like a funnel cake! I mean, dead freaking on. I loved this one. The strawberry lemonade was good too, not too tart and not too sweet." - Review from JaxFoodCritic

"I tried the Dutch style fries which they topped with European Mayonnaise and they provided napkins and provided a fork because it is messy and I tried the fries and those fries are so good and they are tasty fries and when I munched into the fries with mayo on it, it reminded me of fries they served the European way and it is a great place for any French Fry lover. If you have a craving for French fries, come to French Fry Heaven" - Review from Peter on Patch

"Great Fries, Great Service, Great Options - We went here for an afternoon snack and enjoyed their original and garlic parmesan fries along with strawberry lemonades. The fries were fresh and the lemonades made without chemicals." - Review from Solaron on TripAdvisor

Anne Kroeker FFH Review Photo"One of the secrets to the appealing flavor and texture of Belgian fries is that they are double-fried. The first time cooks them through and softens them. Then the fries can be set aside for hours, if need be, and fried the second time just minutes before serving, crisping them up. This appeared to be the exact method used by French Fry Heaven. Plus, as I said, they offered a variety of sauces for dipping, just like a Belgian friterie...We give these fries and dipping sauces a big thumbs up." - Review from blogger, Ann Kroeker 

So what are you waiting for? Time to head on over to your local French Fry Heaven and order up some angels and wings and have a meal that'll take you straight to heaven!

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