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AutoFry in Action: King Potato

King Potato ¡Bienvenido!  Here at Motion Technology Inc., we are very excited to throw a spotlight on one of our most loyal AutoFry customers south of the border, King Potato! This growing French fry franchise is making a  flavorful impact throughout Mexico with their salty snacks. With five locations and a sixth on its way, King Potato doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.  The company has a determined goal of opening one hundred locations in different areas of Mexico in 2019, and we couldn’t be happier for them! 

The combination of King Potato and the AutoFry make for one terrific team. Our easy to use ventless fryers help them serve up the most delicious fried potatoes that they pair with delicious toppings, like queso! All of which is skillfully produced from their extremely awesome kiosks. Now some people hear the word kiosk and think of a small, AutoFry in Action King Potato (1)lackluster box in a mall, but not the King Potato kiosks! They are eye-catching powerhouses, providing the perfect papas to their hungry patrons. Their impressive designs make them easy to set up shop anywhere and the perfect work space for the AutoFry, giving their customers a clear view of the mouthwatering moment the French fries are released from the fryer.

With multiple locations in Boca del Rio and Veracruz it’s not hard for locals to find a King Potato. Their convenient locations are great for a quick stop on a busy work day or for a short break to refuel while shopping. Whether it is AutoFry in Action outdoors at Plaza Dorada or inside Plaza Las Americas there is no bad place to eat these phenomenally fried potatoes. These fantastic fries are so popular that they are in high demand for all types of celebrations! That’s right; King Potato will even cater your next party. We cannot think of a better fiesta than one that includes King Potato French fries fresh from the AutoFry.  

Las papas que te harán volver por más” which means “potatoes that will make you come back for more”, is King Potatoes’ motto, and rightfully so! One bite of these scrumptious snacks and you’re hooked, you might as well check yourself into papas fritas anonymous because there is no going back. We can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting things that lie ahead for King Potato. To learn more about King Potato, check out their website and Instagram handle @kingpotatomexico!

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