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Happy National French Fry Day!

Happy French Fry DayHappy National French Fry Day! We cannot think of a better way to celebrate than shining the spotlight on our rebate partner, McCain Foods. What began as a seed production company founded by Andrew McCain in the early 1900’s out of Canada, McCain Foods would soon grow into the frozen food giant it is today, providing the perfect product for the McCain-Logopotato-loving masses across six different continents.

After his passing in 1953, Andrew McCain’s eldest sons, Wallace and Harrison stepped in to help their mother take over the family company. Driven by their passion to be in business together, the brothers began to explore the idea of implementing their potatoes into the up and coming frozen food industry. The world of frozen foods was just beginning to surface and both Harrison and Wallace saw this as a great opportunity to secure themselves as frozen potato pioneers. Coming from a long lineage of potato farmers, the brothers knew it was a solid move for the McCain family.

McCain Quote (1)According to the McCain Foods website, today, "one in every three fries across the world is produced by McCain", and here at the home of the AutoFry, we just can’t get enough of them!  Minutes after these spectacular spuds are dropped into the AutoFry they emerge ready to be salted and served to hungry customers.  With a wide variety of potato selections McCain has a tater for everybody. Whether it’s curly fries or sweet potato, the combination of McCain Foods and the AutoFry never fail!

Like the McCain family, we pride ourselves on quality, and want only the best McCain fries for our clients, and with McCain Foods and the AutoFry the best is what they’re going to get! That’s why with every purchase of a new AutoFry our clients receive up to $1400.00 in rebates on McCain appetizers and potato products. We want to give them a chance to test out the best the potato industry has to offer, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So how are you going to celebrate? Maybe go crazy with a pile of salty goodness? However you choose to live it up, just make sure it's with McCain Foods! 

If you haven’t gotten your National French Fry Day fix yet, check out some of our other fry-tastic blogs.  Read up on why French fries smell so good, or take our French fry quiz to figure out your fry style! 

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