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MTI Quiz | What's your Fry Style?

What's Your Fry Style?

Take our quick quiz to determine your ideal fry style! Fries are what makes the world go round... no wait, that's love. But people love fries so it's kind of the same thing. What makes fries so ubiquitous? It's their ability to transform plates from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Fries are great plain but they also provide an excellent canvas for all types of additional flavors. With that in mind, we scoured the web for the best of the best recipes and came up with a quick quiz for you to determine your ideal fry style. So sit down, follow the questions and lead yourself to a delectable finish line!

Start by taking this quiz and follow down to the link of the wing style you choose for a recipe and link for more information.

MTI Fry Style Quiz


Pizza Fries- MTI Fry Style Quiz I think most would agree that Pizza Fries are the best of both words. Get your pizza fix and fries to go along with it all in one bite, what's better than that? This loaded french fry recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser with ooey-gooey cheese, sauce and meats it's also sure to be a filling one!  This recipe comes from Farm Fresh Feasts, check the link out to learn how to make these fries and a bunch of other tasty treats.


Cruising right along, Kimchi Fries are about as unique as a plate of fries can get. If you're not familiar with kimchi, it's a lot like sauerkraut, but hails from Korea and tends to be a lot spicier (though not always, if you're not a spice fan, you can find mild varieties as well).  This recipe calls for topping fries with kimchi, stir-fried beef and a mixture of sour cream and Gochujang, another favorite Korean ingredient. Check out the recipe from Nutmeg Nanny and if you're feeling inspired and adventurous, check out some of her other kimchi recipes! Kimchi Fries-  MTI Fry Style Quiz



Sweet Potato Fries- MTI Fry Style Quiz If you have a sweet tooth, than look no farther than these wickedly delicious Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Marshmallow Dipping Sauce. These decadent fries are not your typical side dish, rather their better suited for dessert or maybe just a pick-me-up snack!  Topped with a toasted marshmallow sauce, this plate of fries has potential to become your next favorite fried treat. Get the recipe over at With Salt and Wit. 


Ok, so these Pesto Fries are not new to the MTI blog circuit, as I wrote about them last year as part of our 7 Over the Top Fry dishes, but they are so dang good it's hard not to talk about them all the time! They are my own true fry style! Don't let their green hue turn you off! Pesto is such a delicious and savory flavor profile, perfect for topping your fries, add to that a balsamic reduction drizzled on top and my friends, you have a masterpiece.  Get the recipe and a bunch of other good stuff over at Simply Whisked. Pesto Fries- MTI Fry Style Quiz


Cajun Fries - MTI Fry Style Quiz If you're looking for a spicier flair for your french fries, Cajun Style Fries are super simple and a tasty way to jazz up a simple dish. Just whip up a batch of the cajun seasoning and toss your fries with the spice. Best of all this recipe can be used on any style fry, from waffle to shoestring!  This recipe comes from Budget Savvy Diva, who shares that this seasoning is good on just about anything!


Garlic Aioli and Parmesan Fries are just salty enough to cure and salt craving, but not so much that your bland-tongued friends won't enjoy! In this recipe a rich garlic aioli is drizzled on the fries and they are tossed with grated Parmesan. The aioli soaks into the fries, while the cheese coast their outsides, combining to make one delicious plate of spuds.  This fry style recipe comes from Seasons and Suppers who offers a whole site worth of delicious and visually pleasing recipes.  Garlic Aioli Fries - MTI Fry Style Quiz



Lemon Fries  - MTI Fry Style Quiz

Lemon Salt and Rosemary Fries are an upscale explosion flavor with every bite.  These shoestring fries are the perfect canvas for a subtly flavored topping like lemon salt (which is exactly what it sounds like, salt mixed with lemon rind) and rosemary. Served next to a healthy portion of steak (or any other main course of your choosing) and you've got a mouthwatering meal. This salty fry style comes from the Alexandra's Kitchen.


Our final fry style goes to Shoestring Fries with Truffle Aioli, another skinny fried spud with a great dipping sauce! Truly truffle oil makes just about any recipe 10x better so it's no surprise that this recipe would make the cut!  This recipe comes from the folks over at The Food Networkso you can be confident it's a good one!  Check the link out for this recipe and a solid dipping sauce to pair with the wings to take your meal to the next level.  Truffle Fries - MTI Fry Style Quiz


There you have it.  Eight delicious fry recipes and styles to match any fry craving you might have.  Let us know, what's your favorite fry recipe?  Are you spicy or salty? Or perhaps a little of both.  Sound off in the comments below!

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