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AutoFry Review | 2016 IAAPA Customer Testimonials

Three AutoFry owners tell us how the AutoFry has changed their foodservice capabilities and improved their businesses in their own AutoFry review.


Each year our team at AutoFry looks forward to the IAAPA show, not only because it’s a fun trade show to attend, but also because we get the chance to catch up with our FEC customers. From across the country, we’ve got AutoFry units in FECs just about everywhere and operators love them. AutoFry is completely ventless, easy to use and train on and super safe, making them the perfect fit for FECs! This year we had three customers swing by our booth at IAAPA just to tell us how well AutoFry has worked for them. They all agreed to share their story in an AutoFry review video for future customers.

Each testimonial tells a similar story of how AutoFry increase concession profits for the business owner and has made their life easier. From Susan Chace, at United Skates of America, who started with just one AutoFry and now owns FIVE to Tom Uphold, of Putt Putt Family Park, who tells us their AutoFry helped increase revenue by 3-5% in the first year alone!

Take a look at our short video featuring our three IAAPA guests and see for yourself why AutoFry is the only ventless fryer worth its weight in gold! And as always, if you have any questions or if these AutoFry reviews spoke to you and you would like to discuss options for an AutoFry at your business, reach out to us here! If you'd like to see more AutoFry review videos, check out our customer testimonial page here.  


Would you like to share an AutoFry review? We’d love to hear from you at a trade show or even by email! Submit a review for a chance to be featured on our website!



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