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AutoFry Fire Suppression System: Keeping Our Customers Safe for Over 25 Years!

AutoFry Fire Suppression SystemWhile there are many elements that come together to make our AutoFry the remarkable piece of kitchen equipment that it is, we are particularly proud of the fire protection essentials that keep AutoFry customers out of harm’s way. One of the most important safety components is the AutoFry Fire Suppression System. We have put together a few frequently asked questions, to help our customers understand what keeps their AutoFry working in the safest manner possible.


How does the AutoFry Fire Suppression System keep its users safe?

Designed by ANSUL, the top supplier of fire suppression systems in the world, our AutoFry Fire Suppression System is equipped with a manual pull station and two fusible links. This includes one link located at the top of the ventilation shaft, designed to close the fire damper and contain any flames; and the other link directly over the oil pot, designed to break and discharge the bottle in the event of a fire situation. The ANSUL bottle is also equipped with two pressure monitoring switches. One is connected to the safety circuit of the AutoFry and the other is used to connect to the building fire alarm, when required. This means not only will the AutoFry sound an alarm and immediately stop heating, but it can also sound the building fire alarm for maximum safety.

Who should service the AutoFry Fire Suppression System?Every Six Months

For our customers’ safety, any ANSUL component must be replaced by a fire equipment company.  This would include the ANSUL bottle, the detection line, fusible links, nozzles and pull station.  Every six months the AutoFry ANSUL System must be inspected and serviced by a fire equipment company. Typically, most companies that already service other extinguishers and sprinkler heads in your building can service the AutoFry. 

What do I need to know about the ANSUL bottle?

Every ANSUL bottle is date coded, and every five years from the date code the bottle needs to be removed, the solution discarded, and the bottle hydro-statically tested. A regular semi-annual inspection on the ANSUL system must also be performed to ensure proper operation. This inspection includes the checking of the pull station, nozzles, piping, fusible links, and detection line. The fusible links must be replaced every six months and the detection line, every three years, or sooner, depending on the condition.  

How can I find a fire equipment company near me?

At Motion Technology Inc., we are here to help!  If at any time our customers need assistance in servicing their AutoFry Fire Suppression System, they can simply call in and speak with any of our Technical Support team members. Our team members will help our customers find a fire equipment company near them to help assist with the service they need.  

Have more Questions on the AutoFry? Visit our website for more information and FAQs! 

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