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Diners: Standing The Test of Time

diners_ standing the test of time

Waking up early on the weekend can be difficult to do. There are few things that make a weekend rise and shine worth it, but plans to hit your favorite diner is certainly one of them. A time tested classic, diners have been bringing tasty food to locals for over a hundred years. Originating on the east coast, these establishments are recognized for the diner breakfastdelicious food served at all hours of the day and are true culinary institutions of the towns they reside in. Here at Motion Technology Inc, we want diners to continue to stand the test of time and keep serving up food to the hungry masses. Our line of ventless kitchen equipment is built to last, and help keep the diner industry going for years to come. 

Whether its scrambled eggs and corned beef hash or a burger and fries, we have the equipment your diner needs to keep your patrons coming back and business going strong. From the VentaGrill to the AutoFry, our products have a wide range of cooking capabilities, 

diner seatsallowing our clients to cook full meals while utilizing multiple machines throughout the day. Breeze through breakfast by frying up bacon & eggs on the VentaGrill, while toasting up an English muffin in the MultiChef XL.  Leap past lunch by frying up French fries in the AutoFry while all at the same time, preparing a fresh hamburger on the VentaGrill. With our products you'll have plates ready in minutes and your diner’s kitchen and staff prepared for even the busiest weekend. And because all of our products do not require hoods our clients are able to save on costly additions to their buildings, allowing them to put those funds towards other necessities.  

Just like the original diners built in the early 1900’s, Central Massachusetts is home to MTI’s production facility where our ventless line is manufactured. Here, we take Diner Burger & Fries the time to produce equipment that stays true to the quality and innovation Massachusetts is known for. We want business owners and cooks alike, to go to their establishments every day and know the equipment they use is as solid as the diner legacy they continue to carry.

Fads in the food industry have come and gone, but diners have stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Classic diner food and nostalgic atmosphere keep guests of all age ranges going back to their favorite spot week after week. Just like the diner, our ventless kitchen equipment isn’t going anywhere. Our long lasting products are ready to help the diner continue its legacy!

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