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Lessons From IAAPA: Foodservice for Attractions

Foodservice for Attractions

As we wrap up another exciting week at the IAAPA Attractions expo, there are many lessons to be learned from such a huge show. For attractions, the big message we continue to hear from both industry experts and press alike, is that the WHOLE experience matters. When you consider how many options each patron has for their entertainment, you have to know that standing out comes down to experience. Your guests want an experience they can remember for a lifetime, something to take pictures of, post and tweet about, something to share with friends. This is something you need to attack from start to finish, from parking to payment - each touch point you have with your guests should offer them a unique experience, of course this rings especially true for foodservice. When it comes to foodservice for attractions, the experience must be convenient, fresh and memorable. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of that, we've round up our best blogs highlighting strategies of foodservice for attractions. Dive in, take a look, and as always, enjoy the experience!


Starting Fresh

If you're completely new to foodservice, we recommend starting with our white paper. This free, downloadable guide, is the perfect starting point when you're thinking about the big picture of foodservice within your attraction. From preliminary considerations like budget, capabilities, and menu building, to more indepth shopping guides, this white paper is a one stop shop. Download it here!


Experiencing Service

If you're already doing foodservice, it may be time to rethink your strategy to maximize your sales. The best way to boost sales is to take a lesson right from the IAAPA attractions expo and create an experience out of your concession sales. We have an entire blog devoted to this topic, where you'll learn four simple methods for turning your concessions sales into an experience for your guests. Check it out here!


Learning from Others

There's nothing better than learning from someone who is already experiencing success. Our AutoFry in Action blog featuring Jungle Zone of Lake County, FL, is a great resource for future leading FECs. Take a page out of Jungle Zone's book and see what's made them so effective in foodservice. Read the blog here!


Making a Menu

If your looking for some menu ideas, don't forget to head on over to our industry pages to check out some sample menu and profit guides. You can find our attractions sample menu here. If you're looking for a more complete menu guide check out our AutoFry sample menu !

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