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Using AutoFry to Increase Concession Sales

Increasing Concession Sales - with Fried FOodConcession sales at a movie theater are some of the most profitable dollars coming through the door. With profit margins on ticket sales being razor thin, concession sales are critical to keeping a theater in business. Most theaters offer at least popcorn, candy and soda as part of their concessions sales strategy, but what's stopping them from offering more? Today we highlight the reason for expanding your concession offerings. From increased profits, to happier consumers, expanding your concessions to prepared foods is a no brainer, especially when you realize you an do it all with just one machine!

Most theater operators will tell you only about 40% of guests buy something from the concessions stand. Which means only 2 out of every 5 patrons are purchasing something other than a movie ticket. To increase the number of patrons who buy concession foods, you have to consider what facts may have prevented the sale in the first place. Did they already eat? Do they find prices too high for the type of food their buying? Do they not like popcorn?

What if you could answer each of those problems with a single machine solution?

AutoFry is the ventless deep fryer that allows you to cook and serve delicious fried food options without any hoods or venting or even the need for additional staff. With AutoFry, you can entice people to eat dinner AT the movies instead of before the movies. With AutoFry you can offer high profit items like chicken tenders and french fries, that guests won't mind spending their money on. With AutoFry you're offering much more than just popcorn!

Why AutoFry and not a traditional fryer?

For starters, AutoFry is fully automated, fully ventless and completely enclosed. This means it does all the hard work for you without any additional updates to your kitchen space. Simply plug AutoFry in and watch it get to work on increasing your concession sales. As a fully automated machine, AutoFry doesn't require additional staffing, or someone to watch over the fry process to ensure proper cooking. Autofry will shake and dump your food out at the proper intervals to ensure perfectly cooked food every time. As a ventless machine, AutoFry doesn't need to be placed under a hood system - saving you thousands on installation costs. And as a completely enclosed unit, AutoFry eliminates contact with scalding hot oill, this means a safe environment for workers!

Why AutoFry and not another ventless fryer?

AutoFry is the ONLY ventless fryer available in four different sizes to meet each owners individual needs. High traffic locations can use a double basket fryer to meet consumer demand and churn out double the amount of food that a single basket machine could produce. Smaller locations may just want to use a single basket countertop unit - available in two different sizes. Additionally, AutoFry is made with operators as a first priority, so it's easy to clean, safe to use, and only has three moving parts - so maintenance is a breeze and breakdown is minimal.


Still on the fence about adding fried foods? Check out this fun video where we illustrate the benefits of a concession stand upgrade:



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