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MultiChef Recipe: Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwhich

Chicken Bacon Ranch RecipeWorking for an Motion Technology, the maker of the Autofry, the leading ventless deep fryer for over 25 years, people always say to me, “I bet you eat fried food all the time, right?!” And the honest answer is no! While we do cook in office, it’s usually while testing new products or trends in our kitchen and showroom, and that’s limited (usually!) to just a taste. But the recipe I have for you today, I have to be honest, I would eat every day. It’s not fried, in fact it was prepared in under 5 minutes in our MultiChef high speed oven, and folks – it’s delicious. The delightful, classic Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich has always been one of my favorites, and when you can make it in less time than it takes to listen to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, it instantly becomes an all-star at the MTI café. So today, I’ll share with you our easy Chicken Bacon Ranch recipe and a few MultiChef cooking tips along the way, so you can cook with confidence.

To start, we’re using Brakebush Chicken, Fully Cooked Panko Breaded Tenders from the Perfect Answers® line (Item #5365 if you’re looking to order!) which we’ve already thawed from frozen.We lined our baking tray with parchment paper and baked a single layer of tenders at 460° for 4 minutes, with browning turned OFF and fan speed set to HIGH.

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The panko crumb on these tenders gets nice and toasty as it cooks in the MultiChef oven, giving it a great crunch with each bite. A quick tip, because this is real life, and not just a fantasy, we almost always line our baking pans with parchment paper for cooking, as it makes clean up a breeze!

So, how do we know if you should cook a little high, little low? – if you’re even unsure about the cook time of something you’d like to cook in your MultiChef, we recommend trying the 460/2 Minute test. In this trial run, what you’ll do is set your machine to 460° with browning OFF and fan set to HIGH, and then you’ll cook your item for 2 minutes. During that time, you can open the oven door to check on your item and make sure no burning is occurring. If you’d like to see things toast up to a darker color, feel free to turn browning ON. Once you’ve cooked for two minutes you can see if you need to cook longer or cut back the cook time. This is the easiest way to determine cook times for new foods in your machine!

Oh mama mia, mama mia, back to our recipe! Once you’ve preheated your chicken, you’re ready to build a sandwich! We used fresh baked sub rolls for our sandwiches, sliced down the middle vertically. Place one or two chicken strips on top of your roll (depending on how big your roll is you can determine how many tenders to place on top). Top with sliced cheddar, and chopped scallions and place back into your MultiChef high speed oven for just one minute longer. Alongside your sub you’ll also want to add two strips of pre-cooked bacon to your baking pan for the final minute of cooking. Keep your temperature at 460° with fan set to HIGH, but this time turn browning ON.

In just one minute the cheese will melt, your sub will toast, the bacon will crisp and the smell will be mouthwatering!  Now you’re ready to build the final product.  We topped our sub with mixed greens, fresh, locally sourced tomatoes and of course, the bacon we just reheated. Finish the sub off with a healthy drizzle of ranch dipping sauce and you’ve got the fastest Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich before Mercury even got to tell you that nothing really matters. Anyone can see the MultiChef oven is a powerhouse for your kitchen, and it's super easy to make breakfast, lunch or dinner in your machine!

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