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Happy Cinco de Mayo: AutoFry Tortilla Chips Recipe

              Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner, and we are ready to help you celebrate with our AutoFry tortilla chip recipe. Tortilla chips are the perfect salty snack. They hold up against even the heaviest guacamole and queso dips. But where did these little triangular pieces of heaven come from? The answer to that question lies in California in the 1940’s; in a tortilla factory owned by Rebecca Webb Carranza and her husband Mario.

        TORTILLA CHIPS 2     Legend has it, the tortilla maker Rebecca owned, produced high quantities of tortillas, but the same could not be said for the quality. Too often, it would create disproportionate tortillas, forcing Rebecca to find a way to utilize the misfit product. Carranza sliced the tortillas into easy to hold pieces and tossed them into the hot oil. They were then tossed in salt, and the rest is history.

                Now, we can’t think of a better way to pay homage to the woman who gave the world one of the most delicious snacks, than by showcasing our AutoFry tortilla chips recipe just in time for Cinco de Mayo! The AutoFry serves up a fresh batch of crunchy chips, that we promise you won’t be able to eat just one of. At Motion Technology Inc, we love pairing our freshly fried AutoFry tortilla chips recipe with a number of scrumptious spreads. While salsa and guacamole are the go to favorites, we also recommend serving them with a hot queso cheese dip and even a hearty bowl of chili.

                Take a look at our AutoFry tortilla chips recipe below, and give it a try. It is so easy, in less than three minutes you will be ready to dive in to the dip of your choosing, with our delectable, fried delights!    


6” Corn Tortillas (We recommend Pepito’s Brand)

Salt (Varies to taste)


2 minutes and 5 seconds (With Hold Down Unit)


Make sure your AutoFry is fully pre-heated.

Slice the tortillas in half, both ways, creating the triangle chip shape.

Open the chute to the AutoFry.

Place 15-20 of the cut tortilla triangles into the chute.

Close the door, and dump the tortillas into the oil.

Set timer for 2 minutes and 5 seconds, and press start.

Once the cook time has ended, the freshly fried chips will dispense into your pan.

Drain excess oil from chips.

Salt tortilla chips to taste.

Serve with the dip of your choice and enjoy!

*We would also recommend as a fun twist, coating the fried tortillas in cinnamon and sugar instead of salt, and serve with ice cream for a delectable dessert!

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