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The Power of the Pop-Up Restaurant Trend

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One thing New York City has always been known for is it’s never ending dining options. From street vendors to fast casuals and even full service restaurants, New Yorkers are never at a loss for food choices. Yet, over the last couple of years a new trend has expanded the diner’s selection even wider, and not just in NYC, but all across the country! And despite their brief residencies; it looks like pop-up restaurant trend is here to stay! 

From block buster hits to your favorite breakfast cereal, pop- up restaurants and their themes are intriguing consumers and operators alike.  Millennials and Generation Z are flocking to pop- ups, insuring they don’t miss out on anything Instagram worthy. If it is new and trending, young people today have to have it and Restauranteurs are excited to give them what they want. 

Pop up restuarant trend exampleApplying a new restaurant concept can be daunting for a business owner. New themes and menu items can completely revive a restaurant, or bury it in the ground. For this reason, pop-ups have become a great way for operators and chefs to test out their new ideas and get an honest reaction from their patrons. It also allows them to try out different locations for their business. If a pop- up isn’t thriving in one area of the town or city, it can be relocated for potential improvement. Pop-ups are a great way for all types of restaurants to accumulate data pertaining to performance, food and location, and utilize that information to make their business the best it can be.  

Now, it isn’t just the Full Service Restaurants getting in on the pop- up game. According to the National Restaurant Association, “Most pop-ups have served edgier gourmet cuisine, suggesting that the model works well for this segment. At the same time, more quick-service restaurants are jumping on board, and many industry analysts believe the format can work well for any concept.”  The strategies used in pop-up dining aren’t completely unfamiliar to Quick Serve Restaurants. The necessity for speed and efficiency allows QSRs to thrive in the pop-up community.

Charlie Brown Pop Up RestaurantAs a QSR goes from concept to concept and location to location, creating new pop-ups, there are many attributes to consider. Equipment is one of the most vital elements to opening a pop-up restaurant. Imagine you are an up and coming quick serve operator, set to begin your first pop-up venture, a restaurant that serves fried fare, only to discover the location you have chosen has no ventilation system set in place. This is where selecting the right equipment will be imperative!

The AutoFry Ventless Fryers are an ideal addition for the pop-up operator. Easy to operate, and consistent quality are just a couple of factors that make the AutoFry the top choice for fryer needs.  Beyond that, the AutoFry is one of the most reliable fryers on the market. The machine’s limited, moving operational parts make the AutoFry dependable and repairs limited. Plus, when it comes to safety, the AutoFry shines with its ANSUL fire suppression system that will keep any kitchen staff at ease. 

In an ever changing world of trends it can be difficult to know the ones that are here to stay. It would appear though, pop-up stores aren’t going anywhere and AutoFry is more than ready to go along for the ride!                                                                              

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