Ringing in 2019 with the Latest in Food Trends

Dec 21, 2018 8:30:00 AM by Danielle Fantasia

2019 trends Here we are at the end of another amazing year for food. 2018 was filled with all sorts of food trends. From the waste free movement, to mermaid milkshakes, this past year was certainly one to remember. But what is in the past, is in the past, and we are looking forward to a brand-new year full of brand-new food trends! At Motion Technology Inc., we love exploring the upcoming food fads that are predicted to make a splash in the new year, and we really love sharing them with all of you! So, hang on to your aprons and chef hats, we are going to look at some of the future trends that we are most excited about.

Firework The first trend we are going to explore is the new need for experience over sustenance. As they say in realty, it is all about the location, location, location! Diners want more than amazing food, they want an equally amazing atmosphere and over all dining experience. Diners who fall into the Millennial and Generation Z categories have limited funds to spend on dining out, because of this they are more selective of their restaurant choices. Great food just isn’t enough. This means we are going to see a rise in eateries in locations we may not have seen before. Places like art studios and even museums will begin to house pop-up cafes and pubs to draw in patrons. We are especially excited for this trend because all our ventless kitchen equipment is ideal for pop up, or temporary locations due to the fact they can operate fully without the installment of hoods and vents.

Another exciting trend for 2019 is the combination of cultures! This coming year will showcase fusion of flavors from different backgrounds. In a country filled with diversity, that only continues to grow, it should be no surprise that diners are looking to indulge in as many cultures as possible. The phenomenal pairing of different ethnicities gives us delicious dishes like Thai Chili Chicken Quesadillas, or Dominican Shepherd’s Pie, made with mashed plantains instead of potatoes.  Fantastic fare that brings together two different worlds for one unbelievable eating experience.

This next trend is a bit more specific. Like avocado toast, this single dish is making waves at restaurants across the country. The Katsu Sando is a fried, breaded pork cutlet sandwich served on crust-less white bread that originated in Japan. This tender sammie is the definition of umami. The combination of rich, crispy pork and delightfully soft bread send the taste buds into overdrive, winning over whoever sinks their teeth in. So, keep an eye out on the menus of your favorite restaurants, Katsu will be making its debut before you know it, and we know we will be testing it out in the AutoFry as soon as possible!

The final trend for 2019 that we are going to dive into is the meatless movement! More than ever there is a need in the food industry for non-meat dining options. Now, we know veggie burgers have been around for quite some time, but we are talking about so much more than veggie burgers! Beyond Meat makes 100 percent plant-based products that are packed with protein.  Their goal is one shared by consumers today, and that is to help improve climate change, natural resource depletion, animal welfare, and human health.  In 2019 food trends aren’t just about flavor, they’re about preserving the supplements this beautiful world has to offer!

Well there you have it folks. Four of the most anticipated food trends of 2019. Whether you are hoping for fun new flavors or healthier options for you and the globe, it looks like this coming year will have it all! 

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