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Which Trade Show can We Expect to See YOU at?

As the manufacturer for two of the most in-demand foodservice equipment products worldwide, we get requests all the time for customers to see our machines in action. People love to see how easy AutoFry is to operate or how truly fast MultiChef can prepare a delicious pizza. So with trade show season just around the corner, now is the time to meet with us in person at one of the top industry trade shows of 2016. In the next two months, you can catch us at both Pizza Expo and CinemaCon, both held in the buzzing and bright town of Las Vegas.

Pizza Expo Trade Show Promo

Pizza Expo is the largest pizza show in the WORLD and the premier pizza trade show for the industry. Those attending Pizza Expo are likely to be pizzeria operators, chefs, operators, managers, and distributors, basically anyone with a hand in the pizza business is expected to be at this all-inclusive trade show.  With educational seminars, workshops and even some friendly competition, as well as over 500 exhibitors, Pizza Expo is a one stop shop for all those in the industry.

As for MTI, we are excited to be bringing AutoFilter to the show for the first time ever. So many pizzerias are already taking advantage of the easy and convenient AutoFry to round out their menu with fried appetizers and toppings. Now we have a new product to offer owners that not only makes cleaning and filtering oil easier, it can save operators up to 50% on oil costs! Expect to see live demos of our units as well as tasting some delicious fried foods! Visit us at booth 1709.

CinemaCon Trade Show Promo

CinemaCon is the largest worldwide gathering for the motion picture industry, boasting attendees from more than 80 countries! From exclusive Hollywood presentations and previews of upcoming films, to educational seminars, to the diverse trade show featuring over 500 exhibiors, CinemaCon has it all. Those attending CinemaCon are expected to be cinema owners and executives looking to find the next big thing in the theater business!

For MTI, CinemaCon is has been a great trade show to meet potential customers looking to expand their concession sales beyond just popcorn and candy. The addition of ventless equipment like AutoFry and MultiChef can help raise both profits and customer experience, a win-win for this competitive industry. In addition to showing off our ventless cooking equipment, we will also be demoing the AutoFilter, fully automated oil filtering system. This all-inclusive system is perfect for those who already have a fryer and are looking for the most efficient way to clean their oil and save on oil costs. Visit us at Booth 1021F.

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So which trade show can we expect to see you at? We’re happy to make individual appointments with potential and current customers to discuss your needs and see how our innovative kitchen solutions can help bring success to your business. For a full listing of all out upcoming events, check out our events page. We’re all over the globe this year with more events than ever before, so drop us an email if you’d like to meet with us at any of our events. Until then, see you in Vegas!

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