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30 Years of Ventless Innovations with MTI

30 Years of Ventless Innovations with MTI

You know, a lot can happen in thirty years. The last three decades have given us so much to reflect on. We regretfully sang along to Ice Ice Baby in 1990. When Y2K came, the anticipation of a catastrophic computer virus sent us into mass hysteria... and then nothing happened. In May of 2004 we said “How You Doin’” for the very last time to some of our favorite Friends. Throughout 2019 we learned that nothing stirs more controversy than a fried chicken sandwich. And during all of those momentous events, Motion Technology, Inc was hard at work, perfecting our ventless innovations.

Oh yes, these past thirty years have been a whirlwind, but we could not be happier with where they have brought us to. As the pioneers in ventless innovation and the creators of Simplifry® Technology, we are so very proud of all our achievements. When MTI first began, we had only one model, the AutoFry FFG-10. This single basket, fully enclosed fryer made deep frying both simple and safe! After a few years and some minor updates, the FFG-10 became the MTI-10.Autofry-Group_colorcorrected

Today we have FIVE different sizes available for the AutoFry. This includes double basket models like the MTI-40C, which can cook up to six pounds of product at a time. Or the MTI-40E, which can process a whopping EIGHT pounds per cycle!  But we didn’t stop there. We are always asking our clients for feed back in order to improve and grow our ventless fleet. When we received word that our customer base needed a single serve double basket option, we went to work and re-imagined our MTI-40C to match the demand. This created a brand new member of our fryer family, the AutoFry Mini-C . We even slightly redeveloped the size of our MTI-10, increasing product capacity from three pounds to four, with an even smaller carbon footprint! We call that mechanical masterpiece the MTI-10X/XL.

MultiChefEarly on, we knew that our clients would also benefit from a ventless oven. So, in 1998 we rolled out the AirMaster. This oven used three different types of cooking mechanisms to quickly prepare food without the use of microwaves. Throughout the next ten plus years, we listened to feedback from our customers and implemented updates to the design of the AirMaster. The end result was the MultiChef 5500, and later, the MultiChef 6500, a slightly larger version of the latter. Come 2017, the need for an oven with microwave capabilities was brought to our attention. So, we introduced the world to the new and improved MultiChef XL! A high-speed oven that gives our customers the option to turn the microwave on or off, depending on their preference.

As we roll into 2020, we are so excited for the new things we have in store. Our ventless family continues to grow, and with the last three decades behind us, we look forward to introducing our newest innovations to the food service world!

Here is to another thirty years of ventless innovation!

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