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When Motion Technology, Inc., came to be nearly thirty years ago, it was a very different time, both in the business world, and the social. Our communication and relationships with our clients and people in general, were limited to phone calls, faxes, emails and letters. Reaching our customers wasn’t as easy as sending a tweet!

When we stop and think about it, we really are so fortunate to be able to connect with our clientele in a way that is not only convenient for us but for them as well! We know it is a go, go, go type of world, and for business owners and operators time is money. That is why we are always trying to put out as much valuable information through our social Social - Laptop media platforms as possible.  This way people can have our tips, tricks, and most importantly discounts right at their fingertips!

Now, we know at this point you are asking yourself, What social media platforms does MTI use?  Well, the answer is…basically all of them! From Facebook to Instagram, we really try to utilize all of our social accounts in ways that will best benefit those who use our equipment, and anyone else that may be interested. We post recipes, cleaning guides and material relevant to the all the industries where you can find the AutoFry and MultiChef XL.  Whether you own a pizza shop, brewery, or maybe a bowling alley, there is something for you on our social media.

We are so excited about all the great things we are doing with our platforms, that we want to make sure nobody misses out. So, we are offering a secret discount code for all of our new followers! This code will give each follower 20% off their next order at The only way to get this code is by joining our virtual, ventless revolution and follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

So, don't just sit there, start following and start saving! 

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