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Food for Thought: MultiChef XL FAQs

Food For Thought MCXL FAQs

Our new and improved MultiChef XL is the high-speed oven that every business needs. After revamping the original MultiChef to meet our clients needs we knew there would be some questions. So, we put together the ones most frequently asked, to provide a little food to thought.

How does the MultiChef XL cook so fast?

The MultiChef XL uses a revolutionary method that provides a combination of forced air convection and microwave technology. The result of this pairing is a high-speed cooking process that does not sacrifice food quality.

Does the MultiChef XL use microwave?

Yes. The new MultiChef XL now has a microwave option. In order to meet customer demands and truly achieve the fastest cook times, we added microwave technology to our latest rendition of our high-speed oven. The microwave feature can be turned off for items that may not require it.

What can you cook in the MultiChef XL?

The MultiChef XL can do everything from roasting and toasting to steaming, baking and re-heating! Prepare raw, boneless, lean proteins and fresh vegetables in just minutes! Toast up bread, English muffins and bagels in seconds, and top them with freshly prepared eggs for breakfast! Don’t forget menu favorites like flatbread pizzas and fresh quesadillas; perfect for any menu.

Is the MultiChef XL easy to use?MultiChef

Yes! Employees can be trained in minutes without any prior cooking experience. The MultiChef XL comes fully installed with 80 pre-tested recipes suitable for just about any business. Also, cook times can be easily pre-programmed into the keypad and edited for establishments with ever changing menus. 

Does the MultiChef XL need a hood?

No. The MultiChef XL is both ETL and NSF listed and has been engineered to operate safely without a hood or ventilation system. The MultiChef XL has been tested and approved by ETL and conforms to the ventilation requirements set forth by NFPA96 using EPA202 test method.

Is the MultiChef XL easy to clean?

Yes. The MultiChef XL’s unique design allows easy access to all areas of the machine, including the catalytic converter. The easy removal of this part, and others allows for easy application of cleaning products and elimination of excess debris. We have even created an easy guides to assist with daily and quarterly cleaning. 

What kind of businesses use the MultiChef XL?

The MultiChef XL can be used in any business looking to add a foodservice program. Movie theatres, convenience stores, cafes, bowling allies, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, sport stadiums and more can all benefit from our ventless high-speed oven. Owners and operators can serve up tasty food without worrying about costly hood installations.

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