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Summer Snackin’ : Hot Dog Double Down

Summer Snackin’ _ Hot Dog Double Down

Is there really any other snack that screams summer like the hot dog does? From ball games to beaches, and even amusement parks, you can find this classic crowd-pleaser on just about any menu. This versatile flavor vessel is the perfect handheld favorite for all ages. Whether your 7 or 77, chances are you have a favorite way you like to eat your hot dog. Maybe you pile it high with your favorite chili, or load it up with an obscene amount of condiments…there really is no wrong way to devour a dog!

Here, at Motion Technology, Inc., we love coming up with different ways to serve up our hot dogs using the AutoFry and MultiChef XL. So, we are sharing two of our favorite recipes to keep your summer snackin’ going strong. Check them out below, and see for yourself. Your guests will NOT be disappointed!

Firecracker Dog – Made in the AutoFry


1 All Beef Hot Dog

1 Hot Dog Bun

2 Tablespoons of Jalapeño Relish

1 Tablespoon of Sour Cream


Using tongs, place hot dog in open chute

Select 2 Minute Cook Time

Close chute. This will drop the hot dog into the fry basket to cook

Timer will sound when cook time is complete

Hot dog will dispense from the exit chute into awaiting pan

Using your tongs remove hot dog from pan and place in hot dog bun

Spoon jalapeno relish onto the freshly fried dog

Drizzle with sour cream

Plate it up on its own or with a side of onion rings

The crispy pop from the fried exterior and spice from the jalapeno really makes this dog live up to its name! 


Pineapple Paradise Dog – Made in the MultiChef XL


1 All Pork Hot Dog

1 New England Style Hot Dog Roll

2 Tablespoons of Cooked Chopped Ham

2 Tablespoons of Diced Pineapple


Using your tongs, place hot dog on griddle pan

With your pizza peel, insert griddle pan into the MultiChef XL

Select the pre-programmed Hot Dog Recipe

After just 50 Seconds the timer will sound

Again, using the pizza peel, remove griddle pan from oven

With your tongs, place cooked hot dog into your bun

Top hot dog with cooked ham and diced pineapple

Serve by itself or with a basket of crispy fries!



Well there you have it! Two tasty recipes sure to please your guests. Test them out and let your menu speak for itself. And don't forget to check back every week for more ventless inspiration! 

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