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AutoFry in Action: Fayette Country Store

Fayette Country Store Front - AutoFry in Action MTI BlogSometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came…  no I’m not talking about a local bar, I’m singing about Fayette Country Store, in Fayette, Maine. Just a quick look through their Facebook and you’ll see comments both from locals praising their variety of items, wings and pizza and vacationers eagerly waiting to go back on their next visit for another round of baked goods. This family run business is a Fayette staple and a must visit if you’re ever in the area.

Fayette Country Store is no new entity. A local country store since the 1850’s, FCS was taken over by the family who owns it currently over 16 years ago. FCS is known for great food, a wide variety of merchandise, friendly attitude and their love of dogs.

Often you can find the FCS beagles, Maggie and Shilo, sleeping in their beds behind the register.  Carrying their love of canines through the menu, FSC also offers an ice cream special where pet owners can purchase an ice cream for themselves and get a doggie iced treat for free!

FCS prepares food all day and offers local delivery as well for added convenience. Their menu is extremely affordable with fries starting at under $2 and pizza for under $5. The addition of the AutoFry in their kitchen allowed FCS to provide fried foods without any hike in insurance fees because AutoFry is fully enclosed with it’s own fire suppression system.

The fried food expansion has been so successful at FCS that they’ve upgraded from a single to a double basket unit, allowing them to keep up with heavy demand during the busy vacation season.

The most popular item at FSC is the Brakebush chicken tenders. FSC uses them for a number of menu items including specialty pizzas, buffalo chicken, bacon ranch, and bbq wraps as well as served alongside fries for a complete chicken tender meal. Locals also flock to FSC for holidays where the family prepares a special themed menu for a limited time.

So now that we know the FSC basics, lets get on to what the public has to say:

“This store is the best place. They have anything and everything you could possibly need!!” – Rhonda P. from a Facebook Review.

“Wonderful store, it has grown but still has that family look and feel.” Eileen P. from a Facebook Review.

“Best baked goods come from FCS” – MaryJane C. from a Facebook Review.

“FCS, as it's known to the locals and seasonal, is a convenience store/deli/quick stop place. It's extremely popular in the summer months with the counselors from the nearby Summer Camps. FCS has your common selection of Quick Grab items you'll find at any convenience store, but it's also got a deli, pizza, beer, and more. They sell Tee Shirts, too. Not bragging or anything, but I've got two!” – Jamie L. from a Yelp Review.

“I love your store and look forward to going there every Summer. I hope you have a great winter!”  - Scoop H. from a Facebook Review.

“The best steaks around!!! No marinade needed melt in your mouth good!” – Holly Y. from a Facebook Review.

“Don’t have anyone to watch football with, but will buy the wings!!! Great deal! The best wings around” – Mellissa M. from a Facebook Review.

So the next time you’re in Fayette, ME, head on over to FCS and try a pizza or sandwich. You won’t be disappointed!

Also, check out their testimonial of the AutoFry and see how well our machine has worked for their store!


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