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AutoFry in Action: United Skates of America


There aren’t too many places in the world that you can go to and be instantly transformed back into time, but a roller-skating rink!? Now that fits the bill. Combined with laser tag, a video arcade, character meet and greets, all you can eat pizza and now we could only be talking about United Skates of America in Rhode Island, the subject of today’s AutoFry in Action blog!

As part of our ongoing series, the AutoFry in Action blogs take a look at some of favorite customers from all over! Each blog highlights what makes a particular location special and how foodservice has transformed their business for the better. So let’s roll right into today’s AFA blog and learn more about United Skates of America.

The United Skates of America in Rhode Island is a true family entertainment center. With 30,000 square feet of non-stop amusement, no child walks out of United Skates unhappy! That is, unless they’re sad to be leaving!

UskateofA3.jpgFrom their nostalgic skating rink that encircles their food court, their larger than life rock climbing wall, to the arcade and laser tag zone, there is something for everyone! Plus with special events set up throughout the year, United Skates is sure to keep guests coming back for more with their ever evolving lineup of themed skate nights!

Birthday parties are another forte of United Skates! With generous party packages, kids can skate, climb, tag, and play to their hearts content. Parents can also surprise their kids with character visits! From the Trolls to Disney Princesses, kids can blow their candles out with their favorite movie characters by their side!

We especially love how affordably priced United Skates of America is! It’s expensive to treat kids to an amusement park, but at United Skates prices are already low, PLUS they offer a number of different value options for various days of the week. Wednesdays include all you can eat pizza with the price of admission, Saturday mornings child admission is just $5 and if you come early on Saturdays you can even take advantage of children’s beginner skating lessons included in admission price!

UskateofA.jpgNow, no roller rink would be complete without a food and beverage program to keep the young ones fueled up! United Skates of America has a giant concession stand in the middle of their center, serving up fries, pizza, chicken tenders and more!

Affordably priced, United Skates of America relies on AutoFry to keep their concession stands churning out fresh fried food. Starting with just one unit, United Skates of America has now upgraded to FIVE AutoFryers to keep up with their high demand for food.

When asked about their concession stand, United Skates Owner, Dan Wortman, told us, “The AutoFry doubled our menu offerings–increased our customer yield by $.35 cents and helped change our customer’s image of our concession as more full service.”

General Manager, Susan Chase, told us that she couldn’t believe how wonderful they are to own and operate and “how much they’ve increased our sales at our concession stands.” She highly recommends them for other FEC locations looking to increase profits without making a huge investment into a whole kitchens worth of equipment! Check out her interview below in our 2016 IAAPA Testimonial roundup!



So if you’re in the New England area and looking for a little slice of nostalgia, roll on over to United Skates of America and tell them AutoFry sent you!



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