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Crafting an AutoFry Menu: One Piece of Equipment for a Full Menu

Creating an AutoFry Menu

A common question we're asked at trade shows and events is “what can AutoFry make?” The simple answer is AutoFry, as a ventless fryer, can prepare anything that a traditional fryer can produce without the hassle of having to manually fry it all. But today we're taking that question a step further and preparing a full menu using only the AutoFry as the main form of food production. Our AutoFry menu includes a full range of delicious meals, appetizers and even desserts, and is available for download at the end of this post! So dive in to our full menu breakdown and start adopting some of these menu items into your line up!

- Appetizers -

Mozzarella Sticks Made in AutoFry Lets start at the beginning, no AutoFry menu would be complete without a section of appetizers. Fried appetizers are extremely common on menus across the food service spectrum. Popular for their crispy, crunchy texture and speed of production, fried appetizers are sure to be a favorite on your menu. With our sample AutoFry menu, we chose to highlight mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers and pickle chips for our appetizer offerings. All three items can be prepared in three minutes or less, perfect for your busiest day part.

Partner Spotlight

Rebate partner, McCain Foods, has eight different varieties of poppers perfect for mixing and matching to make your menu really unique. Offer each variety individually or come up with your own special selection of poppers for your customers to enjoy! Check it out!


 - Specials -

13739064535_3eed866d9d_z.jpgOur specials section of the AutoFry menu, features three items we would want to test out as LTOs to see if they were popular enough to add to our full time menu. Hush Puppies and Zucchini Pizzettes are both seasonal and prepared in three minutes or less.

Now you may be thinking that a cheeseburger seems unusual to be featured on a menu prepared only with a fryer, but I'm here to tell you AutoFry makes some of the juiciest burgers you've ever had. Simply drop in frozen ¼ pound patty into the food chute and cook for just 90 seconds and you'll have a deliciously flavored burger. Because it's deep fried, the juices are all locked inside as the outer edges sear immediately when the burger hits the hot oil.


- Seafood -

Fish and Chips made in AutoFryOur seafood section of our AutoFry menu features three of my personal favorite fried items. Fish and chips is an obvious fried food staple on any menu, but crab cakes and fried scallops round out the menu for a wider variety. Additionally, crab cakes have an easy cross over opportunity as they can be served in smaller portions as an appetizer or sold with a side for a full meal option. Best of all, all three seafood items we selected for our AutoFry menu can be prepared in under five minutes.



- Chicken -

Spicy-Ceasar-Chicken-Sandwich-The-Cozy-Apron.jpgFried chicken is probably one of the most popular fried items in the history of deep frying, only topped by french fries. So it makes sense that we have three different ways of serving up a fried chicken meal, from sandwiches to chicken parmesan to the classic fried chicken dinner, you can offer a wide variety of fried chicken meals for your customers to enjoy.

Partner Spotlight:

You can mix things up even further by offering both seasoned and unseasoned versions of your chicken meals. For example, Brakebush offers their chicken fillets for sandwiches seasoned with Italian spices, garlic and herb, cayenne, whole grain and even southern-style breading. Check it out!




- Sides -

We love french friesLets be honest, it wouldn't be a complete AutoFry menu if french fries weren't featured somewhere. But we didn't stop at just regular fries, with our AutoFry menu we also have the ever-popular sweet potato fries and onion rings. These three side items all take less than four minutes to prepare and can easily be adapted into jazzed up appetizer options like poutine, potato nachos or even stacked onion rings.




- Desserts -

woman-hand-technology-phone.jpgAhhh, everyone's favorite part of the meal, the dessert menu. Instagram worthy beignets, chocolate brownie bites or bananas foster cheesecake bites can be fried in under three minutes and make for the happiest ending to any meal.

Still think you can't serve a full menu with just one machine? Truth it, with AutoFry the possibilities are endless. From start to finish you can offer a full selection of delicious crowd favorites without ever needing to hire a fry cook! Change your menu, not your budget!






AutoFry Menu for DownloadDownload our Menu!

Our menu is free to download, simply click on the menu image or click here to get a copy of the menu for your own menu strategy! Happy Frying!









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