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Making a Menu: Top 3 Coffee and Food Pairings

Making a menu Coffee & Food Pairings

There may not be many things in this world that are as magical as coffee. It is delicious, energizing, and maybe most importantly, it pairs really well with so many different types of food. Here at MTI, we certainly have our fair share of avid coffee drinkers, and we love finding delicious foods we can pair with different types of coffee.

It was hard to narrow down our favorites, but after some tough deliberations we finally came up with our Top 3 Coffee and Food Pairings. Check them out below!

Raspberries & Cream Panini with Kenyan Arabica Roast

Mascarpone Cheese and raspberry preserves are layered between to slices of brioche bread for a sweet and tart flavor combination. This blends nicely with the bright and acidic flavors found in Kenyan Coffee. The fragrant floral tones which are a result of the environment in which this bean is grown, only further compliments the raspberry preserves.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Eggrolls with Indonesian Robusta Roast

These deep-fried pieces of heaven are loaded with salty bacon, fluffy eggs, and sharp cheddar cheese for a breakfast optiton that really tickles the taste buds. With a variety of flavors coming together it is best to pair these handheld beauties with an earthy roast, like an Indonesian Robusta bean to balance everything out. We also found that we enjoyed this roast the most as an iced coffee.

Chocolate Drizzled Beignets with Columbian Arabica Roast Beignets - Chocolate Drizzle

Light and flaky beignets are generously drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce to create a flavor packed experience that is hard to beat. That is until you pair them with the perfect coffee selection. For these beignets we knew a Columbian Arabica Roast was the only way to go, specifically in the form of espresso. The acidity of this roast, especially in the concentrated espresso form, really highlights the flavor of the chocolate.

Well, there you have it folks, our TOP 3 Coffee and Food Pairings. Something else to keep in mind when you are creating these combinations is the temperature and form in which the coffee is served. Hot or cold, pressed or drip, all these factors can come into play when creating delicious offerings.

You will also want to make sure you are using the best kitchen equipment to prepare your food. Ventless, automatic deep-fryers and high-speed ovens are ideal for coffee shops and cafes looking to add tasty offerings to their menu.

To learn more about the different ways you can set your business up for success.

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