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Making a Coffee Shop Menu: Kid Addition

Making a Coffee Shop Menu Kid Addition!

We know what you’re are not the target audience for a coffee shop. Yes, coffee shops are typically a morning or breaktime oasis for busy adults just trying to get through the week. Okay, through the day. But it would benefit owners and operators to remember there is no customer too small, and that more often than not, full size humans come with miniature versions of themselves that also require sustenance.

Now, you might be thinking…fair point, how do I cater to these tiny individuals? Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Kid’s want menu items that not only taste good, but include an element of fun. This doesn’t mean you have to start including small toys with orders, but you may want to think of methods to make the food itself a bit more entertaining. Adding options like, Smiley Face Breakfast Quesadillas filled with egg, cheese and bacon is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your youngest of diners.

Serving items that are easy to eat should also be a top priority. The last thing parents need when they are in a rush is a messy kid.transfer-the-dough-to-a-g8aa31f4b6_1920 Deep-fried Churro Bites served in a cone shaped container are perfect for on the go eating. This one is guaranteed to make both parents and kids very happy!

Implementing or revitalizing a kid’s menu doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the best equipment for the job. High-speed ovens and automatic fryers allow coffee shops to create all kinds of menu choices without the stress.

Click below to find out just how effortless it can be!

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