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Bar Stool Talk: Boosting Sales Sooner than Later

As bars and breweries continue to pop up all over the U.S., the primary challenge for business owners has shifted from getting people in the door, to now keeping them in the seats. Whether it is adding a food truck, delivery apps, or even offering your patrons to BYOF (bring your own food), the underlining goal remains the same: How do we get them to stay? Here's the thing, when it comes to all those options, you’re missing out on some serious profits. So, it’s time to take back what’s yours by adding your own food menu. 

Mini C brewery

Being a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate and it can be stressful enough without trying to compete with the bar across the street. So, what can you do? Well, take a minute to picture what your bar or taproom might look like if you did add food that wasn’t from an outside vendor, but instead produced in house with the AutoFry or MultiChef XL. Ask your customers if they would like to see anything special. It can be something simple, like french fries with fun dipping sauces, or maybe sliders that pair perfectly with the new stout of the month? Whatever you are thinking, we can help.

Download our white paper Increasing Bar Profits – to learn the benefits of adding a food menu to your bar or taproom.   

Here’s what you can discover:

  • Tips on implementing a food program
  • Different types of equipment for a limited budget
  • Choosing a menu style
  • Planning your new promotions

We’ll provide you with all the steps to help kick off phase 2 of your business, giving your customers the ultimate experience.

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