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Grocerants: Blurring the Lines Between Retail & Foodservice

Grocerants_ Blurring the lines between retail and foodservice

Imagine it is a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You have a list of errands to run, which you are determined to complete before you run out of daylight. Not to mention somewhere in between all that running around you need to find some time to eat lunch and refuel. Lucky for you, grocery shopping is on your list, and your local grocery store just so happens to have DINE IN options!

Grocerants are the new trend that is gaining more and more steam. Clientele is slowly changing and now includes a broader base of Millennials and Gen-Z. It is a world where convenience and speed are key, and Grocerants deliver the two-birds, one stone experience we all need. It can be hard to fit in a meal when you are short on time, but with Grocerants it isn’t an issue. The shelf to table experience is an easy way to get a quick bite without adding an extra two hours onto your already busy day.

Offering a range of dining and seating options make Grocerants an enticing option for meal times. From sushi bars, to pizza counters, they really have it all. But, how does a grocery store add such a successful foodservice program? The answer is simple, they do it with the right equipment. At Motion Technology Inc., we are the pioneers of ventless kitchen equipment. Our products allow grocery stores to implement foodservice with ease.Grabbing a Slice

No hoods? No problem. Our equipment requires NO vents, and instead uses filtering systems to take care of that grease laden air. With the AutoFry and MultiChef XL, owners and operators do not have to worry about those costly ventilation additions, which can cost upward of $10,000.00! If you ask us, that’s no way for a business to increase their bottom line.

In no time, our products can pump out all kinds of delicious grub. From flatbread pizzas to crispy fried chicken and even freshly roasted veggies, the possibilities are endless. The combination of speed and tasty food are exactly what consumers need to help combat their busiest of days, which let’s be honest, every day seems to be our busiest day.

What does the future hold in-store for Grocerants? Only time will tell for certain, but from the look of it, the new trend is here to stay. We look forward to assisting in the growth of this new industry and spreading the word on our ventless revolution.  

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