Industry Spotlight: Landing a Strike with Bowling Foodservice

Dec 15, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Bess Couture

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If there’s one thing we learned in 2017 it’s that there is literally no place that people wouldn’t buy food from. From gas stations to the movie theatres, traditional means of eating are OUT and grabbing food from the places you’re already at is IN. Which means as a bowling alley, the only way to really land a strike and drive up profits is through a carefully thought out bowling foodservice plan. Today we’ll talk about the ways foodservice can increase profits for your bowling center and some strategies for success.

Why Foodservice?

bowlingfoodservice2.jpgHere’s a simple fact, not everyone plays – but everyone eats! And we all know that to be true. There will always be folks that will come through your doors to watch their kids or friends play. And while they’re not costing you any money, wouldn’t it be nice if they generated some instead? Food is an easy way to make money on the people who don’t plan on participating in bowling. Take that to the next level and start offering alcoholic beverages along with your food and really see your profits start to soar.

In addition to making money on folks who aren’t playing. You’re doing your business a disservice if patrons have to leave to eat a meal. They’re already in your establishment, why not keep them there longer with great tasting foods? The longer the stay, the more money they will spend and bowling foodservice is the easiest way to get them to stick around.


Where to Begin?

Bowlingfoodservice.jpgWhen faced with the decision to start offering foodservice, it may seem like too big of a task to take on, but start small. You can really offer an entire menu of items with just one or two pieces of equipment.

We actually have come up with full scale menus that can be implemented with some refrigeration and one of our two pieces of ventless equipment: AutoFry or MultiChef. Best of all, because our equipment is completely ventless, you don’t need to install any costly hoods or venting, in fact you don’t need a special kitchen space at all. Instead, just plug your equipment in and start counting your profits. To see a full scale menu prepared with only AutoFry click here.

If your still feeling overwhelmed with the prospects of adding food to your line up, we have a full guide to help you take those first few steps. We’ll walk you through equipment buying, menu making AND pricing, promotions and making sure your foodservice venture is a success. All of this valuable information is available in our Adding Foodservice to your Attraction white paper and can be downloaded for free, by clicking here.


Still on the fence?

BowlingCover.jpgWe get that, adding foodservice is a big decision, but when you consider that it could be driving up to 40% of your revenue, it’s not something that should be ignored.  Download our free bowling center foodservice one sheet. It has everything you need to know about AutoFry and MultiChef in relation to your industry! 

This guide includes powerful testimonials from current customers, a sample menu for easy implementation and highlights from our equipment. Feel free to download it for yourself or share it with a colleague who may benefit from adding foodservice to their bowling center!

Download our FREE Bowling Profits from Foodservice One Sheet



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