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Celebrating National Hot Dog Day with Twist!

Celebrating National Hot Dog Day 3

Ah National Hot Dog Day, you just don’t get any more American than having a whole day dedicated to this bun and meat combination. Just like the good ol’ U.S. of A, this tasty treat began with immigrants. While sausage was well established in Europe, particularly in Frankfurt and Vienna Germany, the hot dog did not come to life until it was introduced to Americans in the mid 1800’s, when German immigrants would distribute it to patrons by street carts. Towards the end of the century, Coney Island, the very first hot dog stand opened to the public. It didn’t take long before this hand held delicacy sky-rocketed and was being sold at ball parks across the country. The people were hooked, and throughout time the hot dog would prove to be a staple in American cuisine.   

MTI10X_colorcorrected_noextrasLoved by all ages, it is difficult to find anyone who dislikes this piece of patriotic perfection. The hot dog shines with versatility! It can be enjoyed in so many different ways, it is impossible for us to list them all in one day. From the traditional ketchup, mustard and onions, to the Chicago Dog loaded with tomatoes and neon green relish, there is something delicious for everyone. Here at Motion Technology Inc., we love coming up with all kinds of fun ways to enjoy our hot dogs. While we love grilling them up in our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL®, we found that frying them with the AutoFry® is a real game changer!

Who knew that a deep-fried hot dog could be so magical? In just 1-2 minutes  the AutoFry produces a perfectly juicy dog, with a crazy crispy casing. Speaking of crazy, the more outrageous the toppings, the better! When it comes to deep fried hot dogs, you might as well go all out! Businesses can top their dogs with fun choices like cool avocado slices or pineapple salsa to pair with the mouth-watering richness.

Owners and operators of our equipment are able to cook up to a full eight pack of hot dogs at once in our single basket Chicago Dogfryer, while letting the machine do all the work. The AutoFry is a fully contained, automatic deep fryer that not only does the job of a fry cook, but requires absolutely no hood installations! With the press of just a couple buttons, any staff member can fry up Insta-worthy dishes, all while keeping employees from coming into contact with hot oil. Additionally, every AutoFry comes equipped with the AutoFry Fire Suppression System, alleviating the worries of a potential grease fire.  

So, how are you celebrating on July 17th? We can only hope it is with a deliciously fried hot dog, fresh from the AutoFry. Make sure to check out more exciting menu possibilities with Motion Technology Inc., and our line of ventless kitchen equipment!  

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