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Convenience Store Foodservice: Standing Out Against the Competition

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In today’s hyper-competitive convenience store world, you need an edge over your competition. Something to drive the customers through your doors and keep them coming back for more. When it comes to convenience store foodservice, fried food is an excellent solution for setting yourself apart from the microwave-crowd, while creating something cravable your customers will LOVE.

CSP named convenience store foodservice the most profitable category in their 2015 State of the Industry report, attributing prepared foods with the bulk of the category’s growth. With such high profit margins, fried foods will not only increase your bottom line, but also make you a one stop destination for consumer convenience.

This week on the blog, we’re sharing our new convenience store focused fry solution video.  We’ll highlight the benefits of adding prepared fried foods to your food service offerings and how AutoFry can make it easy for you. From the moment you plug AutoFry in, you’ll be making delicious fried food without the hassle of vents, extensive training, or hiring a fry clerk. Anyone can operate AutoFry in just three simple steps and maintenance is minimal. Fully-automated, AutoFry is so self-sufficient you’ll feel like you’ve added a new employee to your team!

Still want more? Download our white paper on the benefits of adding foodservice to your cstore and learn more about the ways you can drive additional profit, with minimal effort!


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