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It's Never a Gamble with MTI: See You at G2E!

Never a GambleNo longer are the days when a casino was just a place to gamble with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. That’s right, casinos are not just a back drop for a great mob movie any more. The entertainment industry is flourishing from the ever-growing food service programs, as it turns out, betting and alcohol aren’t the only ways to win big!

Foodservice is one of the most profitable areas of additional revenue that a gaming center can acquire. Changes in the industry throughout the years have brought on variables like new clientele and food trends that casinos must take advantage of. Millennials and even Generation Z are making their ways to casinos and bringing their appetites with them! They want fast and delicious dishes while they spend time with lady luck!  

What is the Global Gaming Expo?

The Global Gaming Expo, or as it is more commonly known, G2E Show, is the leading show of the casino-entertainment industry. Each year this event is hosted by the American Gaming Association. G2E showcases new games, services, technologies, and products. There is also a remarkable roster of educational sessions, industry showcases and entertaining, networking-focused events. This trade show is a great way to make strong industry connections all while having a great time!  

Who attends the G2E Show?

You can expect to see a wide variety of attendees at this show, with an average of nearly 26,000 gaming professionals in attendance. This show interests gaming industry professionals —executives, corporate management, and other leaders from the casino, cruise ship, lottery, racing, resort industries. You will also see a large number of exhibitors covering all aspects of the gaming and entertainment industry!

Why do you attend this show?

While many casinos already have full scale dining operations, some may still be looking to expand into some more casual dining options. Enter our ventless kitchen equipment! The AutoFry, MultiChef XL and VentaGrill are the top choices for frying, baking and grilling without extensive training or hood installations. Having our products as an option for smaller kitchen applications where venting may not be possible is ideal for gaming centers of all different sizes. Not to mention, our machines prepare food fast, so patrons will be back at the tables in no time!  

Where can I find you at G2E?

We will be located at Booth 6029, don’t forget to stop by and test out our delicious flat-breads and quesadillas we will be showcasing!

Will we see you at the 2018 Global Gaming Expo?

We hope so! If you’d like to schedule a time to meet one on one with one of our sales representatives, please reach out to us at

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