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Microwaves...You've Got Them All Wrong!


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It is no secret that microwaves don’t have the best reputation. Over the years, myths and legends have formed around this accelerated cooking process that just simply aren’t true! People have been made to believe that microwaves can make our food radioactive, destroy its nutrients, and can even cause cancer. The truth is, cooking with microwaves has a lot benefits, and we thought it was time that they were more justly represented.

What are the facts on microwaves? Pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve read. For starters, microwaves do NOT make food radioactive. They just radiate heat. Furthermore, thanks to the federal government, there are strict regulations on the amount of radiation produced by a microwave, making it impossible for them to spread radiation to _No Evidence_ - ACSthe operator. 

Now, how about that whole microwaves destroying the nutrients in our food thing? We don’t know exactly how that myth started, but it could not be further from the truth. The reality is, the use of microwave actually retains the nutrients in our food better then any other form of cooking. The speed in which a microwave cooks food is a large part of what preserves the nutrients. The longer a product has to cook, the more time it has to lose them. For this reason, cooking in conventional ovens and boiling are considered to be two of the least effective ways to maintain the nutritional value. Additionally, because of their speed, microwaves use less energy than a conventional oven. This can help save on costly electric bills!  

Lastly, that oh so ridiculous urban legend, that microwaves cause cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, “there is no evidence that they pose a health risk to people. In the US, federal standards limit the amount of radiation that can leak from a microwave oven to a level far below what would harm people.”. That’s right folks, it really is just an old wives tale, most likely created by people who were either uneducated on the product or misinformed.

MultiChefHere at Motion Technology Inc., for nearly 30 years we have been creating the best products possible for our clients. Building equipment that is reliable and safe is always our top priority, and this could not be truer than when it comes to our MultiChef XL.  This high-speed oven uses both impinged air and microwave to not only prepare food perfectly, but safely as well. Furthermore, all of our kitchen equipment is automated and ventless, which means our clients also save on high labor costs and expensive ventilation systems. These are just some of the many ways our products go above and beyond our competition. 

So, don't buy into that negative microwave hype! Click below to see how you can speak to someone today and find out more about joining the MTI Family. 

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