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AutoFry: The Time-Tested Ventless Fryer

The Time-Tested Ventless FryerIt was in 1990 when Motion Technology Inc., released our very first AutoFry, the FFG-10. The initial model was a single basket deep fryer that showed the industry high-priced hood installations were no longer necessary to create high quality fried foods. By pioneering ventless technology, we set out to bring innovation to commercial kitchens everywhere.

As we draw closer to our 30th year of equipment production, we can’t help but to think about the durability of our product, and how many of our customers still use their originals fryers from the 1990’s. We really have created a time-tested product to be proud of, and that our clients can depend on.

It is kind of crazy when you think about it. I mean, how many things produced in the 90’s are still around and being used today? Aside from your mothers favorite Tupperware, and The Simpsons, not too many things come to mind. When a product lasts decades, it is a true sign of the hard work and ingenuity that goes into its creation. We could not be prouder of our line of ventless kitchen equipment and their ability to stand the test of time. massachusetts

AutoFry is the only supplier with a full range of automated ventless frying systems. At our facility in Northborough, MA, we produce single and double basket fryers, which include both counter top and floor models. Our fryers are capable of serving a wide range of capacities; from small, single serve kiosks, to large movie theatre chains, AutoFry can handle it!  

So, what exactly is it that makes the AutoFry last so long? Without a doubt it is the hard work and attention to detail brought forth by a team effort from our manufacturing department, customer service and technical support team. Each and every AutoFry is produced with care and precision to ensure our clients are getting the best piece of equipment possible. We take pride knowing that we stay true to the dependable Made in America reputation. Additionally, our customer service and technical support teams are there to assist our clients in future maintenance and care of the AutoFry.

We know AutoFry is great asset to any business. But, just in case you think we might be a little bias, check out our Testimonials page and hear it straight from the source! Also, make sure to take a look at our Menu page for tons of delicious profit  possibilities that come with our equipment.

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