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AutoFry: The Original Food Frying Robot

AutoFry The Original Food Frying RobotThese days, the word robot gets thrown around quite a bit throughout the foodservice industry. Almost as if it is a new idea that is being implemented for the first time. Like the concept of machinery with the capabilities of cooking food for you hasn’t been around since the early nineties. Yeah, that’s right, the nineties. As in the days of Seinfeld, Starter Jackets, and Beanie Babies. Now, really we think all this is just terminology confusion. Because when people say Robots, we know what they really mean is Automatic Equipment.  

At Motion Technology, Inc. we have been dominating the ventless, automated equipment game for decades. We continue to evolve and discover new ways to ensure our product delivers on quality and consistency. Automation plays a huge role in this. The accuracy in which the AutoFry® performs is just part of what makes this deep fryer the perfect addition to any kitchen.

With AutoFry, owners and operators can hit the foodservice floor running. Simply find aAutoFry-Monday convenient location within your kitchen, plug in the AutoFry, and start cooking. Employees load the front entry chute with fresh or frozen product, close it up, and select the appropriate cook time. From there, the AutoFry will do all the work, just like an actual fry cook. From shaking the fry baskets during operation, to draining the oil before dispensing the final product, we’ve got you covered.

It is no secret that one of the biggest struggles for businesses over the last year and a half has been the lack of hiring prospects. This means implementing ways to operate with a limited staff, both safely and efficiently. Because the AutoFry is fully enclosed, employees never have to come into contact with hot oil. In fact, we also offer an automated filtration option for our customers, so when it does come time to filter and change out your oil, it can be done without the risk of burns.

There is no denying the foodservice industry has changed. What matters are the decisions you make for your establishment going forward. MTI is happy to help with any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to click the link below and reach out to a representative today.

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