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Automatic Equipment: The Foodservice Fix

Automatic Equipment The Foodservice Fix

The foodservice industry has certainly taken it's hits over the last year and a half. With forced closures, low product availability, and changes in labor currents, the future can seem unpredictable for many. Businesses have to do what they can to prepare themselves for anything that could greatly impact them again.

We understand the importance of supplying your establishment with the best tools possible. Making sure you have everything you need to prepare you for the unexpected is essential. Automatic equipment like the AutoFry is perfect for businesses that are struggling to fill positions, limited on space, or looking to downsize to more of a ghost kitchen type of operation.

AutoFry-MondayThe AutoFry is the fry cook you never knew you needed! This food preparation powerhouse does the frying for you. Simply load your product into the front food chute and set the timer. Your product then falls into a teflon basket that sits inside the oil pot. The AutoFry will even shake the basket just like a live person would, ensuring the food is cooked consistently. When the timer sounds,  the product with drain and then dispense into an awaiting pan. Additionally, because the AutoFry is fully enclosed, there is little to no risk of an employee being burned by hot oil. Truly, safety at its finest.

For companies that are trying to reduce their square footage or begin a ghost kitchen venture, the size of the equipment that is purchased is vital. The AutoFry comesIMG_6853 in a range of sizes, including single and double basket models. Our smallest models, the MTI-10X/XL & MTI-Mini C are perfect for locations that are limited on space. Not to mention, all of our equipment stays cool to the touch throughout operation, allowing for a minimal side clearance requirement.

Now, we know these are big decisions to make, and we don’t expect you to take them lightly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions you may have.

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