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Fryer Safety 101: Open vs Closed

open vs closed

Safety plays a huge roll in the foodservice industry. The wellbeing of your staff should always be a top priority. When choosing the right kitchen equipment for your business you will want to make sure it is safe and easy to use. Especially when you employ young adults or teenagers. The last thing any owner or operator wants is an accident or injury on site.

Open fryers are some of the most common pieces of equipment attributed to workplace accidents. According to, “Young workers who cook in restaurants are especially at risk of burn injuriesIMG_6830 while cooking with or cleaning deep fat fryers or vents above fryers. Burns can occur from contact with the fryer itself or from hot splashing oil, or when straining the oil or moving the fryer.”. Now, there’s no need to beat around the bush, an injured employee is just bad news. By making the safety of your staff your main concern you will create a comfortable and successful work environment.

So, what’s the best way to protect your staff from the hazards of deep-frying? You can start by choosing the right piece of equipment for the job. Ventless, fully enclosed fryers like the AutoFry® keep operators away from hot oil at all times. The fresh or frozen product is inserted into the food entry chute of the AutoFry. When the chute closes the product drops into the fry basket which is sitting inside of the oil pot. All your team members need to do is select the appropriate cook times and press start. The AutoFry even shakes the basket for you! Once the cook cycle completes, the basket will automatically drain the excess oil and drop your product into a pan from the exit chute. There is zero contact between the person operating the fryer and the hot oil. Keep in mind that the food is going to be pretty hot after frying. We recommend using gloves and tongs whenever plating or serving the product. 

Even Filtering and cleaning a ventless fryer is safer than it is for an open fryer. MTI has created multiple filtration options that are easy to use and keep interaction with hot oil nonexistent. From automated systems, to a simple drain hose and bucket, our designs always have safety in mind. 

Choosing the right kitchen equipment for your establishment is an important decision. Make sure you do your research and make the choice you think fits your business best.

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